Living the Vegan Lifestyle: Foods, Cookbooks, Guides, and More!

With so many different ways to eat as vegan, we don't believe there is a right and wrong. Whether you're an athlete or a couch potato, clean eater or junk food lover, you don't have to consume animal products to live your best life.

Healthy Vegan Foods

There's overwhelming evidence that a plant-based diet is ideal for human health, so long as you stuck to nutrient dense whole foods. This means means vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, legumes, beans, and greens. To help you understand the some of the beneficial properties of whole plant foods, check out the following articles:

Accidentally Vegan & Vegan Junk Food

When you tell people that you're vegan, there's a chance they might think you're also a health nut. While eating a diet based on fruits and vegetables has massive benefits, the core message of veganism is one of harm reduction to animals. For those people who are vegan strictly for ethics, we've created easy to follow articles to help you identify vegan food products. You'll notice this section is rather long. This is because there are so many different foods to cover!

Vegan Tips and Guides

Everyone can use a little bit of advice now and again. If you're trying to learn more about veganism, looking to up your culinary game, or simply trying to save money, you'll surely find one of these articles useful.

Vegan Cookbooks

Cookbooks can serve as inspiration for people just starting out or those with decades of experience in the kitchen. Plant-based cuisine is evolving every year, it's hard just to keep up! We've covered the best vegan cookbooks from all different genres including:

Vegan Recipes

Having the right recipes in your arsenal can be the difference between sticking with the vegan lifestyle and giving it up. If you're not creating delicious means that you love on a regular basis, there's a good chance you'll get bored. We don't want that to happen which is why we created all these recipes!

Shirts & Apparel

Finally, if you want to help spread the message, then be sure to check out our vegan shirts and apparel page. Sometimes wearing the right thing can help spark conversion. We've been approached several times when out in public simply because we were wearing something that made people think.