Is Fondant Vegan? Are There Vegan Fondant Brands?

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Is fondant vegan? Do vegan fondant brands exist? This guide covers everything that you need to know…

Are There Vegan Fondant Brands

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Is Fondant Vegan?

Yes! Based on our research, the top fondant brands are 100% vegan. There are certain ingredients in fondants such as sugar, gelatin, and glycerin that can either be animal-derived or filtered with bone char in the case of sugar. Luckily there are plenty of fondant options from manufacturers who specifically opt for 100% vegan ingredients.

What is Fondant Exactly?

A fondant is a form of thick icing used to decorate cakes and other sweets and baked goods. It varies in consistency from stiff and clay-like to a viscous, pourable liquid.

Fondant is most popularly used for wedding cake decoration but is also used in other confections such as cakes and candies.

What Kind of Fondant Might Not Be Vegan?

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The top brands of fondant on the market, Wilton and Satin Ice, are 100% Vegan. Wilton’s website can be confusing to navigate, but Olivia from Vegan Chow Down e-mailed the company personally, which you can read about here. Satin Ice states explicitly in their FAQ that they use all vegan ingredients – great news for cake decorators!

It is essential to know that some fondants may also be made with gelatin, an ingredient made from prolonged boiling of skin, cartilage, and bones from animals. Be wary of this when you’re reading fondant ingredient statements. Also, please note that not all Satin Ice or Wilson products are vegan, even though the fondants are.

Vegan Fondant Brands

As we said earlier, Satin Ice is a good brand to go with. You can learn more about their products below.

Satin Ice White Fondant, Vanilla, 5 Pounds

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In case you’ve got a sweet tooth for other candy, you’ll be pleased to know that you can still enjoy vegan taffy, vegan marshmallows, most brands of sprinkles, and plenty of vegan chocolates!

Conclusion on Fondant

While fondant may not inherently be vegan, the two leading brands of fondant, Satin Ice and Wilton are free of any animal ingredients. This should make finding vegan fondant an easy task. However, be on the lookout for other brands of fondant which may contain gelatin or other ingredients made from animal by-products.

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