Being Vegan on a Budget (5 Easy Ways to Hack the Supermarket)


how to go vegan on a budget


Nutrition Facts cited from Wikipedia

You can see above that cup for cup - sweet potatoes and lentils are the best in offering you a decent amount of calories as well as micronutrients as compared to white rice and kale.

White rice is almost completely void of any micronutrients while kale would just be way too expensive to meet all of your caloric needs.

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Nuts & Seeds (Cashews, Almonds, Pecans, Pumpkin Seeds, etc.)

Nuts are one of the healthiest ways to get fats and other essential nutrients on a vegan diet and allow you to make both sweet and savory dishes. That being said, we felt that they deserved their very own section.

Nuts can be kind of expensive if you don’t know what you’re doing. I would also recommend doing a bit of local and online research before figuring out your best source for nuts because the prices can vary quite a bit, but most likely the cheapest place you're going to find nuts is online.

Go Nuts for a Sane Amount of Money

We recommend sites like Amazon, and Jet for placing bulk orders.

Remember that even if something ships free, the shipping is built into the cost of the item.

That being said, if you’re shopping online for groceries, you need to go big or go home. The savings are going to come because of the bulk options that you cannot find at your local supermarket.

The most important piece…

Take a look at the cost per pound you can find online versus the cost per pound in the grocery store as that should be your only means of measuring cost. If your local grocer is running a sale on nuts/seeds be sure to get the final calculation on cost per pound and compare that to the prices you can find for bulk nuts online.

TIP: Use your bulk nuts and a blender or food processor to make your own nut butters at home. It's way cheaper than buying it at the store! See our best blenders for nuts and seeds here.

Nutritional Yeast

Any experienced began cook knows that nutritional yeast is an absolute staple. It’s chock full of nutrients (and B-12 in most cases) and is the one of the few ingredients that is going to reliably give you that cheesy/umami flavor. It’s great for making vegan cheeses and even great just sprinkling on anything that you’re eating.



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