3 Oat Milk Brands That Are Nutty, Creamy & Delicious

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If you think oat milk might be watery, guess again. It's thick, smooth and sweet all by itself. As long as it's made with gluten-free oats, oat milk can be a great option for gluten-sensitive people. It's also fiber-rich, which can't be said of many other milks, especially dairy milk. This article is all about oat milk brands that are worth checking out.

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Milked Oats

Milked Oats is non-GMO and free of gluten, carrageenan and artificial flavors. An eight-ounce serving contains four grams of protein. Because Milked Oats does not have added thickeners, it's thinner than the standard oat milk. Good for cereal, cooking and baking.

Ingredients: Filtered Water, Whole Grain Oats, Cane Sugar, Salt, Natural Flavors.






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