9 White Faux Leather Sofa Options That Look Stunning

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Looking for a white faux leather sofa? We've selected 9 white colored couches that will upgrade your living room or whichever room you decide to put them in.

white faux leather sofa

Let's have a look at the sofas shall we?

1. Andover Mills Burk Sofa

Thanks to the comfortable tufting on the back and on the seats of this sofa, you will be able to sink into it comfortably each time you sit down. The back is completely upholstered, which means that you don’t have to push the sofa against the wall, as the back looks just as nice as the rest of the piece.

The faux leather is designed to stand up to a lot of use without wearing out, which makes it an ideal piece in a busy home. The contrast between the white faux leather and dark legs is very attractive and makes the piece stand out.


  • Sofa is very lightweight and easy to move to a new location
  • Arms are padded to allow you to really relax


  • There are reports of the main support breaking in the sofa after a short period of use
  • Some owners have had problems with the faux leather cracking and showing signs of wear and tear

2. Latitude Run Pyron Sofa

It can be difficult to find a contemporary looking sofa that is also very comfortable, but this one is perfect in a modern home. The single cushion and single-piece back make the piece appear very modern, but the cushion is very comfortable. Thanks to the detailing on the piece, this sofa will stand out in your room and will help to elevate your space. With slightly flared legs, this sofa is elevated perfectly from the ground and has a touch of whimsy due to the darker color of the legs and the way that this color contrasts with the bright white of the faux leather.


  • While the sofa looks small and delicate, it is actually very durable and can stand up to a lot of use and abuse
  • The faux leather is incredibly soft to the touch


  • Some owners have stated that the sofas are too small for adults to get comfortable on and are better suited for children
  • There are reports that the cushion is a little uncomfortable for long periods of time

3. Wade Logan Surakarta Chesterfield Sofa

A white chesterfield sofa looks great in most any home, and this classic design will really stand out thanks to the low profile, high arms, and incredible button tufting. To make the sofa really easy to move to a new location in your home and to add a little extra detail and interest to the design, there are bright metal rings on each end.

These are securely attached and allow you to lift and move the sofa with ease. Additionally, the faux leather has been designed to breathe so that you won’t get uncomfortably hot when sitting on your new sofa.


  • It’s easy to make the sofa pop with bright pillows and blankets or use neutral colors for a subdued look
  • The cushion is very comfortable


  • There are reports that the white color has a pearly sheen to it, which is not ideal in every home
  • Some owners have complained that the faux leather isn’t high quality and won’t stand up to a lot of use and abuse

4. Zipcode Design Ella Sofa

Thanks to the straight lines on the back and sides of this sofa, this piece looks very structured and will help to anchor your living room. The tufting and lines on the back cushions add to the interest of the piece, while the cushions themselves are soft and comfortable, making it ideal for a busy home.

While the arms do not have a lot of padding, their angular appearance adds to the appeal of the sofa, and they are still comfortable enough to lean up against when you are reading or watching TV.


  • This sofa is very easy to assemble, even by yourself
  • The white faux leather is incredibly easy to clean


  • Some owners have reported that the cushions are very firm and don’t allow you to sink into them
  • There are reports that the sofa is low to the ground, which makes it difficult for some people to easily get on or off of the sofa

5. Brayden Studio Runkle Headrest Sofa

Enjoy the feeling of being in a chic European apartment with this sleek sofa. The angles on the armrests make the sofa very visually appealing, and the adjustable headrests ensure that you will always be comfortable when sitting on the sofa.

Thanks to the angled silver-finished legs, this sofa is definitely one that is eye catching and a little bit different from any other ones that are currently on the market. 

While many people worry about having a white sofa in their home, the faux leather on this sofa is incredibly durable and able to stand up to both pets and kids. If there is an accident, it’s easy to wipe the sofa clean so that there isn’t a stain.

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  • The cushions are filled with a high-quality foam that offers plenty of support
  • The frame of the sofa is very sturdy and durable


  • There are reports that the sofa is incredibly difficult to assemble
  • Some owners have stated that the sofa is incredibly narrow and not easy to sit on

6. Andover Mills Breeze Sofa

There’s no reason why you can’t have a sofa that is both comfortable and contemporary, as this great option proves.

Not only does this sofa feature great lines that are attractive and appealing, but the tufting on the back and cushions ensures that the sofa is updated and comfortable. Additionally, the cushions are packed with a foam that is designed to hold its shape and remain comfortable, no matter how long you sit on your sofa. 

This means that you don’t have to worry about having a sore back when you get off of the sofa, as you will have all of the support that you need.


  • The back cushions Velcro into place so they don’t slide down
  • The white faux leather is very bright and looks clean


  • Some owners have complained about foam cushioning on the arms shifting out of position and leaving a hard spot
  • There are some reports of the seat cushions sliding forward when you sit down

7. Monarch Specialties Inc. Reclining Sofa

Not only are you sure to love the gorgeous color of this white faux sofa, but also the fact that the two end seats recline independently of each other.

This means that you can easily relax at the end of a long day, and thanks to the extra padding in the arms and headrest, you are sure to get comfortable. 

If you suffer from back problems, then you will love the additional lumbar support so that you don’t feel sore when you get up. Stitching around the arms and cushions adds extra detail that makes this sofa stand out from others on the market.


  • It is large enough to comfortably fit three people on the sofa
  • The sofa reclines almost completely flat


  • There are some reports that the foam on the foot rest is a little thin
  • Some owners have reported that the sofa tends to pop apart into three sections during use

8. Orren Ellis Krysten Reception Sofa

While this sofa has been designed for use in a commercial setting, it looks great in a very modern home, as well.

This means that if you have a lot of modern décor and you have struggled to find the right sofa to fit in with the rest of your furniture, your search is finally over. Thanks to the taut back and seat, you never have to worry about the faux leather on this sofa being stretched or wrinkled. 

Additionally, this piece is modular and very easy to take apart or reconnect, which means that you can easily change up your space without a lot of work. The line stitching adds a detail that helps to really elevate the piece.


  • It’s easy to change your sofa size to fit your room, which is great if you like to rearrange your furniture or move a lot
  • The high quality faux leather is built to last


  • Some owners have reported that the sofa is smaller than it looks

9. American Eagle International Trading Inc. Olivia Sofa

For the perfect sofa that is attractive, but appealing due to its simplicity, you can’t go wrong with the simple lines and smooth surface that this sofa offers.

Each piece of faux leather is carefully stretched over comfortable foam and a sturdy base that provides plenty of support. The black finish on the base really pops against the white faux leather and will help your piece stand out. The simple shape of the sofa is very comfortable and doesn’t make your room look too busy.


  • The simple lines of this sofa complement any home
  • Thanks to the smooth surface of the faux leather, this sofa is very easy to clean when you accidentally spill


  • There are reports that it is very difficult to attach the legs to the sofa and get them aligned correctly
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