Are Belgian Waffles Vegan? What You Need to Know…

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are belgian waffles vegan

Belgian waffles…They’re on brunch menus across the U.S.– but do they contain animal products?

Are Belgian Waffles Vegan?

In general, Belgian waffles are not vegan.If you look up traditional Belgian waffle recipes, you’ll find dairy in all of them.

They’re sure to contain ingredients like eggs, butter and buttermilk if you get them at a restaurant, and unless you find the word “vegan” on the box, the frozen Belgian-style waffles at the supermarket will most likely have animal products in them.

Evensome of the store-bought Belgian wafflemixes aren’t vegan, so you can’t simply omit the eggs and dairy while you whip these up.

But there are some exceptions.

Let’s check it out…

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Krusteaz Belgian Waffle Mix



**We were able to find multiple ingredient statements for this product, so it’s obviously changed a few times. It seemed to have egg whites in an older version we found. Be sure to double check before buying.

There are also plenty of scrumptious vegan waffles you can pick up at the store.

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