8 Red Faux Leather Sofa Options That Make a Statement

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Are you looking for a red faux leather sofa to brighten up a space? Here you’ll find 8 hand-picked red vegan leather couches for a variety of rooms and budgets.

Red Faux Leather Sofa Options That Make a Statement

Now let’s get onto the sofas!

1. Winston Porter Lewellen Adjustable Sofa


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The attractive tufted seat and back on this sofa not only make the piece stand out from the rest of your home, but they also help ensure that the cushion will be as comfortable as possible. Thanks to the finished back, you don’t have to push this sofa into the corner or against a wall, as it will look great even pulled out into the middle of your living room.

The legs are a deep brown, which contrasts nicely with the red of the faux leather and prevents the piece from appearing too bright. Because there aren’t arms on this sofa, you will not be able to curl up and read a book in the corner, but it is a great piece when you want to be able to lay down the back and have a place for guests to rest.


  • The faux leather is easy to clean, allowing you to wipe dirt and dog fur off of the surface of the sofa
  • The bottom cushion doesn’t sag


  • Some users have reported that the sofa is a little short to be used comfortably
  • There are reports of the sofa not offering a lot of firm support, which makes it uncomfortable

2. Global Furniture USA Red Sofa


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If you are looking for a bright red sofa that will fit perfectly with your transitional or contemporary décor and is as attractive as it is comfortable, then this sofa is a great one to consider.

Not only does the bright red color of the faux leather help the sofa to stand out and really pop in your home, but the shiny chrome legs add a lot of interest to the piece. They are very sturdy, which ensures that you won’t have to worry about whether or not your sofa will be able to support you or your family members when you are spending time together.

The bright faux leather is difficult to mar and will look great for a long time with minimal care.


  • The red is very sophisticated and bright and will attract attention
  • Thanks to the padding at the back and head, you won’t have to worry about having enough support when sitting on this sofa


  • There are some reports that while the sofa is great for sitting for a short period, it is not comfortable enough to lounge on

3. Orren Ellis Apaui Sofa


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This large red faux leather sofa offers plenty of room for your entire family to curl up together at the end of a long day and provides you with the space that you need to really spread out and get comfortable on your own.

The tufted back provides you with plenty of support and is very soft so that you can relax into the sofa without having a sore back. 

Not only does the tufting improve the comfort of the sofa, but it also elevates its appearance, along with the attractive stitching along the sides and seats. This means that your sofa will be able to hold its own, even if you have a lot of competing pieces in your living room.


  • This modern piece is very sturdy and comfortable
  • It’s very easy to screw the legs on to the bottom of the sofa to complete assembly


  • Some owners have reported that the stitching on the cushions isn’t aligned correctly and looks strange
  • There are reports that the faux leather isn’t very high-quality and may not last for a long time

4. Latitude Run Simmons Upholstery David Sofa


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You can have a sofa that not only features attractive and bold lines, but it also features tufting, as you can see with this great option from Latitude Run. Not only is the faux leather high-quality and chosen to last, but the solid wood frame is durable and sturdy enough to withstand years of use without being damaged.

The pillow top arms have been specifically designed to ensure that you will be comfortable when you are sitting on the sofa, and the bright red color isn’t going to fade. By using water based cleaners, you can easily clean up any spill that occurs and prevent permanent damage to your sofa.


  • The stitching makes the sofa look more expensive than it is
  • The sofa is sturdy enough to handle children and dogs playing on it without it being damaged


  • There are reports of the faux leather damaging easily
  • Some owners have reported that the sofa is very heavy and difficult to move

5. Infini Furnishings Jacob Reclining Sofa

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You can easily recline with this sofa, thanks to the two reclining seats, and it is sure to be very comfortable, as the back and head rest of the sofa has been padded to provide you with a lot of support.

While there is some assembly required to put this sofa together, it is not very difficult and can be completely put together quickly and easily. 

Additionally, the frame is made of solid wood, which is perfect as it will ensure that your sofa isn’t damaged, no matter how many times you use the reclining function or how many times your entire family piles onto the sofa to watch a movie. There is even ample padding on the leg rests to ensure that you will be comfortable enough to take a nap, if you wish.


  • The backs are extremely well padded and offer plenty of support
  • The bright red faux leather will not fade


  • Some owners have reported that the sofa is incredibly uncomfortable
  • There are some reports of the sofa smelling unpleasant and needing to be washed right away

6. Orren Ellis Machelle Modern Living Room Sofa


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This sofa not only is incredibly comfortable due to the ample cushioning and padding that was used in its construction, but it is a very elegant piece that will instantly update your living room.

 The minimalist design of this sofa is made even more attractive, thanks to the way that the faux leather swoops across the front of the sofa in an attractive design. 

With the tufting on the back of the sofa, padded arms, and attractive chrome legs, this piece will look great in most any home and is sure to attract attention. It does require some assembly, but it is easily put together so that you can start enjoying your new sofa right away.


  • The attractive design looks perfect in a modern living room
  • There is enough padding on the back to allow you to lean back comfortably


  • There are reports that the back support moves when you lean back, which makes it feel like the sofa will come apart

7. Latitude Run Roudebush Reclining Sofa


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This sofa has a very striking silhouette and looks great in your living room, no matter whether it is in an upright position or someone is reclining in one of the two end seats. Because you can push back and recline, this sofa is perfect for relaxing at the end of a long day and allows you to put your feet up.

The wide tufting combined with the detailed stitching help to elevate this sofa beyond just a normal sofa that anyone may have in their home, and these features make it a truly stand-out piece that you are sure to love.

Not only is there plenty of foam in the cushions to provide you support, but there are also springs, which ensures that your cushions won’t lose their shape or comfort over time.


  • The cushions are firm enough that you can easily get off of the sofa without a struggle
  • The sofa offers plenty of lower back support


  • Some owners have reported that the faux leather is harder than they thought it would be, which makes the sofa not quite as comfortable as desired
  • There are reports that it is very difficult to get out of the reclining position

8. Zipcode Design Lester Modern Living Room Sofa


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This bright red faux leather sofa is sure to be the centerpiece of your living room, thanks to the bold color as well as the interesting lines and shape of the piece itself.

The strong wood frame will offer you plenty of support while you are relaxing, and the cushions are comfortable and supportive. 

You’re sure to love the detailed stitching along the back, front, and arms of the sofa, and you will also love how the stitches make the shape of the sofa really pop. Additionally, the pillow top arms provide you a comfortable place to lean at the end of a long day, while the headrest is sure to support your head and neck so that you don’t deal with pain.


  • The cushion is designed to offer plenty of support to anyone sitting on the sofa
  • The elegant shape and design of the sofa will make it stand out in your living room


  • There are reports that the faux leather looks very dull
  • Some owners have reported that the faux leather is very stiff, making it hard to get comfortable on the sofa
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