9 Vegan Cookies at Target You May Not Know About

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Below, we've listed 9 scrumptious vegan cookies you can buy at your local Target. From fruit-filled cookies to good ol' classics, there's something for everyone's palate.

Keep these in mind next time you're craving something sweet.

1. Lotus Biscoffs

When you're sipping your afternoon coffee or tea, what goes better than a Biscoff? Crisp and reminiscent of toasted caramel, these little treats are offered at Target and coffee shops everywhere. Lotus guarantees their veganness on its website, so dunk away and enjoy.

2. Nabisco Oreos

The Original Oreos have been a long-time pantry staple for vegans everywhere, but recently, there has been some controversy on Twitter as to whether Oreos are vegan. PETA tweeted in 2018 that they are in fact vegan, though Nabisco does state that its facilities can't guarantee that there won't be milk cross-contamination. This is a possibility when equipment is shared to make different products, which quite a common practice. We agree with PETA that Oreos are vegan-friendly as they aren't actually made with milk or animal products, so rest assured, Nabisco Oreos are still widely considered vegan.

3. Marinela Barritas Pina Pineapple Cookies

These pineapple-filled delights are a dream for tropical flavor lovers. They're soft pastry with fruit in the middle, sort of like a fruit tart. They are made on equipment that handles products containing milk and eggs, but the cookies themselves are not made with eggs, dairy or animal products of any kind.

4. Target Creme Filled Sandwich Cookies

If these half chocolate, half vanilla sandwich cookies bring you back to your childhood, that's because they're a total classic. Like many other cookies that don't include animal products in their ingredient lists, Target's own Creme Filled Sandwich Cookies appear to be made in facilities that produce milk and egg-containing foods, so they can't be labeled as vegan. But don't worry, no dairy, eggs or other animal products are used in these nostalgic cookies.

5. Annie's Gluten Free Snickerdoodle Bunny Cookies

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You can add Annie's Snickerdoodle Gluten Free Bunny Cookies to your shopping list for gluten-sensitive family members. Made from natural ingredients like cane sugar and rice flour with generous cinnamon spice, they're sweet-tasting and fun for kids in adorable bunny shapes. 

6. Simply Balanced Banana Bread Whole Grain Cookies

Target's Simply Balanced brand tends to stick with organic and generally nutritious ingredients. Opting for these banana bread-inspired cookies is one of the more healthful choices as they're made with organic whole wheat flour, rolled oats and cane sugar. If that fresh-out-of-the-oven banana bread flavor sounds right up your alley, they're easy to find in Target's pantry aisles.

7. Target Market Pantry Iced Oatmeal Cookies

Honestly, any season is right for icing-topped oatmeal cookies. If you're not big on raisins, these have raisin juice rather than actual raisins for flavoring. They're kosher, egg and dairy-free and just as scrumptious as your grandmother's (well, almost).

8. Nabisco Nutter Butters

Nabisco's Nutter Butters are famously vegan. Filled with peanut butter cream, they're seriously bingeable. Though they're processed with equipment that also processes milk-containing items, they're actually made without any animal-derived ingredients. Whether they're for you or your vegan kids, they're quite popular in many vegan households.

9. Nabisco Ginger Snaps

Oh snap. (Sorry, we had to.) Nabisco's Ginger Snaps are vegan. With a lovely crunch and molasses taste, they're sure to please vegans of all ages. Keep them in the cupboard for midday caffeine breaks.

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