5+ Vegan Pesto Sauce Brands (Dairy-Free) to Buy – Is Pesto Vegan?

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In this guide, we'll explore:

  • Delicious vegan pesto brands you can find online and in the store.
  • Whether or not pesto is typically vegan.
  • How to quickly and easily make your own vegan pesto.
  • Common questions about pesto's vegan status (and their answers).

Looking to save time and money at the store?

Check out our plant-based (vegan) diet food list here or keep reading to learn about pesto!










Using a little bit of miso paste instead of nutritional yeast can bring back some of those flavor profiles, but just don’t use too much!


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  1. Another amazing company that has vegan pesto (but isn’t labeled/marketed as such) is a.g. Ferrari. Best vegan pesto I’ve ever had, hands down. I definitely recommend adding it to the list!

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