10 Vegan Bread Brands At Target to Munch On

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The vegan bread brands at Target aren’t always obvious, but trust us, there are plenty. We took the guess work out for you and found which bread brands offer vegan options hearty enough to build a mean vegan sandwich on.

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If you’re not sure which bread brands are vegan-friendly at Target, check out our convenient shopping list below…

1. Eureka


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From our research, Eureka breads are vegan. Here’s what’s on Eureka’s vegan menu as of this current point in time: Saaa-Wheat!, Grainiac, Seeds of the Day, Sweet Baby Grains, Top Seed and Smoooth Wheat. As an added bonus, they’re all organic with health-conscious ingredients. Smoooth Wheat is rich in whole wheat, oat fiber and wheat bran and makes excellent sandwich bread.

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2. Rhodes


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Rhodes bread comes frozen and unbaked, so you’ll need to let it rise and then bake it. The upshot is that your home will be filled with fresh-baked bread smells. Rhodes makes vegan White Bread, Wheat Bread and Dinner Rolls to name a few of its bread offerings. The brand itself is not vegan as it also makes non-vegan items like cinnamon rolls, but you’re safe with the White and Wheat Breads.

3. Silver Hills

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Silver Hills is a reliable source of vegan sprouted breads that you can find at Target. The company’s owners and founders themselves are vegan and dedicated to producing animal-free sprouted grain breads and bagels. The Big 16 Sprouted Power bread is a great source of fiber, manganese, selenium and B vitamins with sprouted wheat, oats, buckwheat, flax seeds and a host of heart-healthy grains and seeds.

4. Cobblestone Bread Co.

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Not all of Cobblestone Bread Co.’s breads are necessarily vegan, but many are, including the fabulous Brooklyn Rye available at Target. It’s a seeded bread made with unbleached wheat flour and whole caraway seeds. We definitely recommend this one for sandwich making and especially for vegan tempeh reubens. 

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5. Thomas


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Are you as surprised as we were to find Thomas on the vegan bread list? As it turns out, a ton of Thomas bagels are vegan, and so are Thomas Bagel Thins. Though bagels can be delicious toasted for breakfast or as sandwich bread material, you don’t always want all that density. That’s what Thomas Bagel Thins are for. They are, quite simply, slender bagels. Since all of the Bagel Thins varieties at this time of writing are vegan, you have your choice of Plain, Everything, Cinnamon Raisin and 100% Whole Wheat.

6. Dave’s Killer Bread

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With the exception of Honey Oats & Flax, all of Dave’s Killer Bread products are vegan. The Good Seed bread comes from nutritious, organic, non-GMO ingredients like organic whole wheat, sunflower seeds and phosphorus-rich molasses. Buy Dave’s Killer Bread for its protein and high omega-3 fatty acid content (and its radical name).

7. Nature’s Own

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Nature’s Own is widely accessible in supermarkets across the U.S. (and Target). We can’t say that all of Nature’s Own breads are free of animal products, but it looks like the 100% Whole Grain bread is. It’s made with whole wheat, wheat gluten, rye, triticale and other common vegan bread ingredients. It’s a good staple if you don’t like bread with extra bells and whistles like added seeds.

8. Francisco


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Target sells Francisco French Sliced Bread and Extra Sourdough Sliced Bread, both of which are vegan. They’re soft white breads, good for breakfast, lunch or dinner. You might say that they’re not as nutritionally sturdy as some of the other breads on this list, but they’re not bad, either. Just pretty basic with enriched wheat flour, yeast, sugar and soybean oil.

9. D’Italiano


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For a good sliced Italian bread, you can stick with D’Italiano’s Seeded Italian Bread as it’s actually vegan. It’s another fairly basic bread in terms of ingredients, but there are no eggs, butter, milk, whey or other animal-derived products in it. Since not all of D’Italiano breads are vegan, you might want to check the packages just in case.

10. Freihofer’s


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If you’ve been missing potato bread and haven’t been able to find a vegan brand, we’ve got good news. Freihofer has a Country Potato bread that’s totally vegan. It uses animal-free ingredients like enriched wheat flour and potato flakes to get that spongy potato bread texture. In fact, several of Freihofer’s breads are vegan and sold at Target if you like the Country Potato bread. Just be sure to read the ingredients lists, which you’re probably pretty used to.

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