What Does Miso Soup Taste Like? And What’s Miso Soup Made Out Of?

miso soup on a table

I'm getting hungry just thinking about it...

The most accurate way to describe miso soup would be that it's extremely savory. On top of that, there are several other flavor notes that come into play from the other ingredients.

  • Onion-taste: Since miso soup is garnished with green onions, you'll definitely notice their flavor and texture as you're eating it.
  • The Sea: Because there's seaweed in miso soup, it has a flavor to the sea or the ocean. Again, the seaweed is extremely savory and salty with a slightly slipper and tough to chew texture. All in a pleasant way of course.
  • Fishy (sometimes): Depending on whether or not it's made with bonito flakes or dashi (fish stock), some miso soups may have a fishier taste than others.
  • Nutty: The tofu in miso soup adds a soft bite and mild nutty flavor to it. It works perfectly to balance out all of the other strong notes.

What Exactly Is Miso?

Miso or miso paste is made from two primary ingredients: fermented rice, fermented soy and salt. Sometimes, it can also contains other grains such as barely depending on the type of miso it is. It's all mashed together into a paste and then added to water or stock to make miso soup!

If you're making miso soup at home and want to get creative, there are lots of different things you can add to make it more interesting.

  • Rice: Rice is an easy way to make miso soup more hearty. Combined with the tofu, miso paste, and scallions already in the soup it will feel like a complete meal rather than an appetizer.
  • Noodles: Noodles turn miso soup into a delicious noodle bowl.
  • Bean sprouts: Add some crunchy texture and make it similar to a Pho by adding bean sprouts along with noodles.
  • Sriracha: Want a spicy miso soup? Add a few drops of sriracha to turn it up a notch!
  • Herbs: Green herbs like lemongrass or mint are a great addition.

Is There Egg in Miso Soup?

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