7 Cashew Milk Brands with Ingredients & Video Reviews

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Cashew milk is widely available in grocery stores big and small. It's a versatile milk, suitable for cooking and baking thanks to its neutral flavor and richness. Or, just enjoy a glass all by itself. Here are some of the best cashew milk brands to check out.

Cashew milks are considered part of the nut milk tribe, though cashews are actually seeds of the cashew fruit — not nuts. That being said, if you're allergic to tree nuts or peanuts, you may also be allergic to cashews, so use caution where nut allergies are concerned.

One thing to watch out for is added ingredients like almonds, soy and coconut. But there are "virgin" cashew milks out there — don't worry, we'll help you find them.

The vegan food company out of California makes this plain organic cashew milk with ultra-creamy coconut and all-natural, organic ingredients. Available online and in select grocery stores.

Forager Cashew Milk Video Review

Noteworthy Forager Cashew Flavors
















Very creamy with a silken-mouthfeel, this one is a keeper. Organic and free of gluten, GMOs and BPA. Look for it in the refrigerated sections of larger supermarkets, Whole Foods or your local natural food store. 

Ingredients: Nutmilk (Water, Cashew*, Macadamia*), Less than 2% of the following: Oat Bran*, Sea Salt, Coconut Cream*, Almond* - *Certified Organic.

Note: contains macadamias, almonds, coconut and oat bran.

7. Pacific

Pacific makes soups, stocks -- and even cashew milk! Their products are usually shelf-stable so look for it in the cereal section.





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