8 Faux Leather Sofa and Loveseat Set Options to Buy

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Looking for a faux leather sofa and loveseat set? Here are 8 options that look and perform just like real leather while being affordable and cruelty free.

Let's get to the sofas...


The attractive and sleek lines of this sofa and loveseat are sure to look great in any living room and will make them the two most inviting pieces of furniture that you have in your home. You never have to worry about sinking too far into the cushions, as they are medium firm and are made specifically to give you the support that you crave when you are sitting and relaxing.

Unlike other sofas and loveseats that can be uncomfortable to sit on for long periods of time because your head is left unsupported, both of these pieces of furniture have adjustable headrests, which ensures that you will be incredibly comfortable, no matter if you are watching TV, reading a book, or just spending time with people you love.


  • Chrome leg supports are durable and attractive
  • The modern style of this set can update any home without a lot of work


  • There are some reports of the faux leather ripping shortly after the sofa was purchased
  • Some owners have reported that the cushions are too firm to sit on them comfortably

2. GTU Furniture Sofa and Loveseat Set

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You’ll love the look of hand-rubbed leather on this sofa and loveseat set and the fact that there isn’t any real leather on either piece. The overstuffed design ensures that you will be comfortable when sitting on your new sofa or loveseat, as you will sink gently down into the cushions.

Not only are they incredibly comfortable, but they are also very stylish and will quickly become a focal point in your living room when you opt for this set. While they are large enough for your entire family to get together and watch a movie or read, they are not so big that they look bulky or take up too much room in your home.


  • Able to withstand a lot of use, even from children and pets
  • The color is very rich and attractive
  • The plush cushions hold their shape and remain comfortable for long periods of time


  • There are reports that the seats are a little shallow, making them harder to sit on if you are very tall
  • Some owners have been frustrated with the squeaking noises that the sofa creates when you stand up

3. Red Barrel Studio Mayday Reclining Two Piece Living Room Set


Not only are both the loveseat and the sofa that are included in this set very comfortable, but they have a few special details and touches that help to make them a little more special than just a regular piece of furniture.

Not only can you recline while sitting in the sofa, but you’ll notice that the high-quality stitching adds a lot of beauty to both of the pieces and ensures that you don’t have to deal with the faux leather ripping.

Additionally, the loveseat has two cup holders so that you can easily stash your drink during a movie without having to worry about it spilling, although if you do have a spill, you can easily wipe it up without needing special chemicals or worrying about it damaging the faux leather.


  • Loveseat has a hidden compartment for storage
  • The dark color fits easily into any décor without being overwhelming
  • Easy to clean pet fur off of the surface


  • Some owners have reported that the headrests aren’t tall enough to use comfortably
  • There are reports of the recliner mechanism breaking and not allowing owners to recline

4. Zipcode Design Cheyne Living Room Set


Not only will you love the contemporary style and appearance of this loveseat and sofa set, but the included throw pillows help to soften the bold and daring lines of the furniture and provide you with a comfortable place that you can curl up at the end of a long day.

If you decide to eschew the throw pillows, then you are likely to love the attractive tufting of the cushions and the attention to detail in these two pieces.

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The black legs on both the sofa and the loveseat are sturdy and designed to offer you plenty of support when you are sitting on these two pieces and are durable enough to stand up to 600 pounds of weight.


  • It’s very easy to wipe down the surface of this furniture when they are dusty or dirty
  • Set up is fast and easy, allowing you to get your new living room space set up without a lot of hassle


  • Some owners have reported that the legs are plastic and can be scratched and damaged
  • There are reports of the cushions being very hard and uncomfortable

5. Trent Austin Design Wamsutter Living Room Set


You don’t have to worry about buying coordinating throw pillows when you opt for this sofa and loveseat set, as it comes with three throw pillows that will allow you to instantly update and improve the appearance of your living room.

The block feet on both the sofa and the loveseat provide the two pieces enough lift so that they do not appear too visually heavy, and the gentle tufting of the cushions makes both the sofa and the loveseat appear very comfortable and inviting. The seat cushions aren’t just filled with foam, they also have pocket coils to make them much more durable and also comfortable.


  • It is very easy to put together the sofa and loveseat without special tools
  • The combination of foam and pocket coils ensure that you can sit for a long time without being uncomfortable


  • There are reports of the pillows all being varying sizes and not fitting well on the sofa or loveseat
  • Some owners have reported that the pillows get crushed and out of shape very quickly and easily

6. Harper & Bright Designs Sofa and Loveseat Set

[amazon fields=”B07H3NJ24H” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” alt=”HARPER & BRIGHT DESIGNS SOFA AND LOVESEAT SET”]

[amazon fields=”B07H3NJ24H” value=”link” title=”See These Sofa on Amazon”]

For a very traditional look that will make your home look incredibly comfortable and put together, you can’t go wrong with this sofa and loveseat set. Not only can you be comfortable while sitting up and reading or watching a movie, but thanks to the one-pull tab, you can effortlessly recline if you want to relax a little more.

The thick armrest, seat, headrest, waist, and footrest allow you to relax completely at the end of a day, and because both pieces of furniture are wide enough for everyone to enjoy sitting together, nobody has to feel left out. The metal frames are very sturdy and can easily hold up to 330 pounds without the furniture being at risk of being damaged.


  • Both pieces are very easy to put together
  • The faux leather is very soft and looks real
  • Split back design allows you to recline at different angles


  • The furniture will not be delivered inside the house, which makes it difficult for some owners to handle on their own

7. Winston Porter Offerman Two Piece Set


If you are looking for a pop of color in your living room, then you don’t need to look any further than this great sofa and loveseat set. The classic lines are very clean and make the two pieces look a little bit more modern, but these details are combined with retro details that really give the pieces personality.

The tufted seat cushions and backs and the tapered legs all add a little interest to the sofa and the loveseat and keep them from becoming boring or dated. Thanks to the slim track arms, you will be able to easily lean back and curl up comfortably on the sofa.


  • Pocket coils in the cushions help to provide ample support, which makes it easy to get off of the cushions after sitting for a while
  • The sofa and loveseat are both incredibly sturdy


  • Some owners have reported that the arms are very hard and uncomfortable to sit against

8. Winston Porter Mikaela Living Room Set


Enjoy deep cleaning with this sofa and loveseat thanks to the completely removable cushions, and don’t worry about the color palette that you have chosen for your home, as the neutral color of this sofa and loveseat will fit with most any colors that you choose.

The solid wood frames are designed to offer you a lot of support without being uncomfortable, and the pillowtop arms provide you with a nice place to curl up and read a book without leaning against a hard surface. Unlike some overstuffed arms that will lose their shape after a while, these are designed to hold their shape so you don’t have to worry about your sofa or loveseat not meeting your needs in the future.


  • The extra plush cushions help to provide you with back and neck support at the end of a long day
  • This set is very easy to put together so you don’t have to spend all of your time working on it


  • There are reports that they are very bulky and won’t work well in a smaller space
  • Some owners have reported that the seats are not very comfortable
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