8 Brown Faux Leather Couch Options You’ll Absolutely Adore

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Are you looking for a brown faux leather couch to buy? We’ve specially-curated 8 vegan options in a variety of different styles that you’re going to love.

Brown Faux Leather Couch Options You’ll Absolutely Adore

Keep reading to find which one you like best. Some are darker than others, so expect to find a few different shades of brown in this round-up.

1. Three Posts Duwayne Sofa


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Thanks to the rolled arm and the luxurious faux leather on this sofa, it is sure to become a favorite piece in your home.

The molded details on the sofa make it look much richer and more elegant than a traditional sofa, and they provide it the extra touch that it needs to really stand out. The bottom cushions are removable, making it very easy to clean between the cracks of the cushions so that you don’t need to worry about a mess. 

Additionally, since the cushions are designed to be medium-firm, you don’t need to worry about them losing their shape as your sofa is used. Assembly is incredibly easy, as only the legs need to be quickly screwed onto the sofa.


  • The wood accents make the sofa look incredibly sophisticated
  • The frame is very sturdy and able to withstand a lot of abuse without breaking


  • There are some reports that the seat cushions do not hold their shape very well
  • Some users have reported that the faux leather has a sheen that looks like plastic and tends to be very hard and not at all supple

2. Orren Ellis Zimmer Sofa


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If you are in the market for a very bold sofa, then you will definitely want to consider this Orren Ellis sofa, as the faux leather is styled to create a daring look that you are sure to love. Thanks to the stripe design in the faux leather, as well as the quality construction, you can rely on this piece to not only add a lot of interest to your home, but also last for a long time.

The high-quality wood frame has been designed to last, and the stainless steel legs are subtle but still attract plenty of attention, especially when juxtaposed with the lighter brown faux leather. Additionally, the pillow top arms have been specifically designed and included to ensure that this sofa is more comfortable than most any other option on the market.


  • Not only is this sofa incredibly stylish, but it is also very easy to clean
  • The modern appearance is very attractive and will instantly tie together a room


  • Some users have reported that the sofa cushions are firm and require a little breaking in to be comfortable

3. Winston Porter Nyenkan Sofa


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You are sure to love the classic lines on this attractive faux leather couch and the way that it will blend seamlessly into any room in your home. Not only is this sofa very attractive, but the cushions are plump and plush, and the feet are securely attached so that you don’t have to worry about them coming loose when you are sitting on the sofa.

Unlike some faux leather sofas that are so dark brown that you are severely limited in the color of pillows and throws that you use in your living room, this sofa has an attractive lighter brown color, which means that it works great in most any space. Not only does the faux leather look amazing, but it is also very soft and comfortable to sit on.


  • Looks like a very expensive sofa, but doesn’t come with the high price tag
  • The wide seats are very comfortable and allow you to curl up and relax without feeling like you are going to slip off of the seats


  • There are some reports that the faux leather looks inexpensive up close and doesn’t look very nice
  • Some users have reported that the sofa itself is not very high-quality and doesn’t look great

4. George Oliver Westbury Park Modern Luxurious Sofa


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One of the first things that you will notice about this attractive sofa are the thin and angled feet that prop the sofa up and allow air and light to pass around the piece.

Rather than looking like a very heavy sofa that takes up a lot of space in your room, this piece has visual lightness that is very appealing. The cushions fit firmly on the sofa so that they do not slip and slide around too much, which can make it very difficult for some people to sit on the sofa for longer periods of time. 

Additionally, the faux leather wipes clean easily, which will prevent the sofa from being damaged by spills or stains. Since the lighter brown color of the faux leather is so realistic and warm, this piece will fit into most any room and look right at home.


  • Although the legs are taller, they do not elevate the sofa so much that your legs won’t touch the ground when you are sitting on it
  • The whole piece of furniture feels very sturdy
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  • Some owners have reported that the legs are very difficult to screw in
  • There have been some reports of the faux leather appearing a different color in real life, which can make planning your room décor a little difficult

5. Trent Austin Design Caine Chesterfield Sofa


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A great looking chesterfield sofa looks incredible in most any home or office, and this one is no exception.

You will love the texture that the button tufting provides and how tightly the faux leather is pulled so that there aren’t any wrinkles in the surface of the sofa. Additionally, this piece has a very low profile since the back of the sofa doesn’t stick up too much, which means that you can easily fit it into smaller spaces without it looking too large or bulky. 

Nailhead trim is used to help really tie together this piece of furniture and ensure that it looks complete and high-quality. The mottled appearance of the faux leather makes it look very realistic without having to actually resort to using real leather in the production.


  • This sofa is very comfortable to lounge on and offers plenty of support
  • The faux leather is high-quality and isn’t shiny or reflective


  • There are some reports of the back of the sofa being a little stiff and uncomfortable
  • Some owners have trouble sitting for long periods of time due to the lower back on the sofa

6. Union Rustic Manufahi Sofa


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It can be difficult to find a classic sofa that has a modern touch without the sofa looking over the top, but this one fits the bill perfectly.

Not only are the back cushions incredibly plush and comfortable, which makes the piece perfect to sit on, but the solid bottom cushion will not move around when you are using the sofa. 

The bottom cushion is filled with a layer of memory foam, which serves to help keep you comfortable when you sit and also prevents the cushion from getting out of shape. Unlike some sofas, this one has smooth and classic arms that aren’t overstuffed, which prevents the sofa from looking too bulky or large.


  • The seat cushion is incredibly firm and won’t get bent out of shape
  • The faux leather is incredibly soft


  • Some owners have reported that the color is a little brighter than expected

7. Alcott Hill Birmingham Track Arm Sofa


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Unlike other faux leather sofas with angular lines and tufts that look incredibly formal, this soft has an attractive silhouette that is also very welcoming and inviting. The solid wood legs are designed to help keep the sofa sturdy and prevent it from rocking or shifting when someone is sitting on it.

The straight back of the sofa helps to prevent it from looking too casual, while the three cushions provide plenty of support to anyone who is sitting. Not only is the sofa very easy to put together, but it is light enough that you can move it to a new location in your home if desired.


  • The cushions and back are firm enough to offer plenty of support
  • The streamlined look prevents the sofa from being the focal point in a room


  • There are reports that the faux leather is a little slippery and difficult to sit on
  • Some users have had problems with small tears in the faux leather

8. Red Barrel Studio Bolles Dual Console Reclining Sofa


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This dual console sofa allows for two people to recline at once, which ensures that both will be as comfortable as possible after a long day at work. The center console on this sofa has a pair of cup holders made from stainless steel and storage space that is perfect for storing the remote or your reading glasses.

It’s easy to recline in this sofa, thanks to the reclining mechanism, and the faux leather has been designed to withstand a lot of use without tearing or wearing thin. The deep rich brown color makes the faux leather look very high-quality. You can use throw pillows or blankets in a variety of colors, thanks to the attractive color used on this sofa.


  • The back and headrest of the sofa are cushioned and very comfortable
  • The inner console is the perfect place to store items out of sight


  • There is no automatic power recline option
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