Is Tabasco Sauce Vegan? Here’s What You Need to Know…

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Tabasco sauce is so popular that it’s virtually synonymous with hot sauce. But is Tabasco sauce vegan?

is tabasco sauce vegan

Here’s the scoop on Tabasco sauce..

Is Tabasco Sauce Vegan?

Hot sauces tend to be vegan, and Tabasco’s original Pepper Sauce is part of the vegan hot sauce tradition. So yes, it is 100% vegan!

If you ask for hot sauce at a restaurant, the famous Red Sauce, as Tabasco calls it, is high on the list of hot sauces you’re most likely to get.

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Let’s see what’s in Tabasco sauce.

Tabasco Sauce Ingredients

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Here are the ingredients for Tabasco Pepper Sauce, which we pulled straight from Tabasco’s website:

Ingredients: peppers, vinegar, salt.

Peppers, vinegar and salt are all vegan, and so is Tabasco’s original hot sauce.

Fire up the ol’ taste buds.

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