8 Black Faux Leather Couch Options to Upgrade Any Room

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Looking for a black faux leather couch? We've compiled 8 of the most beautiful black colored vegan leather sofas that are comfy and sleek at the same time.

black faux leather couch

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1. Mercury Row Desma Sofa

Modern sofas don’t have to be uncomfortable, as this attractive, updated, and cozy piece proves. Thanks to the streamlined silhouette, it will fit perfectly into most any living room, and the dark black of the faux leather will really make it pop so that you don’t have to worry about whether or not it fades into the wall.

The combination of the metal legs with the black faux leather helps elevate the piece and prevents it from becoming boring, which is great if you are worried about the overall aesthetic and appeal of your home. 

Thanks to the box spring seat, you don’t have to worry about the cushions losing their shape, which can cause you to be very uncomfortable when you are sitting on the sofa.


  • Back cushions can be easily removed for cleaning and then reattached
  • Holds up well against a busy family without being damaged


  • There are some reports that the legs are crooked and difficult to straighten
  • Some owners have reported that the cushions are so firm that they will cause back pain and be difficult to sit on for any period of time

2. Red Barrel Studio Harben Reclining Sofa

If you really want to be able to relax at the end of a long day and put your feet up, then you will love this reclining sofa. The two seats at the ends of the sofa quickly and easily recline so that you can lean back and relax, while the middle seat is stationary and provides a little much-needed stability to the sofa.

The back, arms, and headrests are all pillowed, which provides not only a luxurious appearance to the sofa, but also a rich and inviting feeling that you are sure to love. Enjoy wonderful lumbar and neck support, no matter whether you are reclining or sitting up on the sofa, and enjoy how easily you can spot clean the faux leather to keep the sofa looking amazing for years to come.


  • Thanks to how easy it is to assemble, this sofa is ideal if you need to be able to move it easily and don’t want to have to worry about taking it apart and putting it back together
  • The pillowed cushions are very comfortable for long periods of time


  • Some owners have reported that it is not very comfortable if you are tall, as your feet will hang off of the end while reclining
  • There are some reports that the zipper flaps on the back of the sofa are unattractive

3. Andover Mills Burk Sofa

Not only are the cushions and the back of this sofa tufted for added visual appeal, but the tufts will actually make the sofa that much more comfortable to sit on for long periods of time.

Assembly is incredibly easy, which is great, as you will want to sit on this sofa as soon as possible. Unlike some other sofas that are available on the market, this one has a very low and slim profile, which makes it a wonderful option if you do not have a lot of space in your living room for your new furniture. 

Unlike other sofas that are very bulky and tend to take up a lot of room, this one looks great without being overbearing.


  • The material is not only very comfortable, but does a great job holding up to a lot of use and abuse
  • It’s very easy to clean animal fur off of the sofa without damaging the faux leather


  • There are some reports that the sofa needs to be broken in before it is very comfortable to sit on
  • Some owners have reported that the internal support beams are not very durable and will easily break

4. Latitude Run Roudebush Reclining Sofa

You don’t have to sacrifice style if you want a reclining sofa that is comfortable, durable, and will still look great after years of use when you opt for this sofa from Latitude Run.

Not only is the wood frame incredibly durable so that you don’t have to worry about it breaking when you are using it, but the pillow top arms and the full back are very comfortable, while still offering you ample support when you are relaxing. 

The detailed stitching is an attractive touch and will make the sofa stand out from other pieces in your home. Additionally, the two edge seats recline easily with the use of a side-latch, ensuring that everyone can recline without a lot of effort or difficulty.

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  • The color is a true black and doesn’t have a lot of blue in it
  • The headrests are very comfortable and offer the support that you want after a long day at work


  • There are reports that although overall assembly is easy, the zippered arms are very difficult to work with
  • Some owners have reported that the faux leather is a little hard and not very supple

5. Sorrento Retro Upholstered Wooden Sofa

The solid wood frame, legs, and arms of this sofa add a touch of class, and when combined with the black faux leather, help to create a piece that is stunning.

The dark walnut wood contrasts beautifully with the faux leather and really helps to elevate this piece. You’ll be able to easily fit three people on this stunning sofa and are sure to love all of the small details that really set it apart from any other sofa that you can find, including the button tufting and the turned legs.

 Not only is this sofa incredibly attractive, but it is also very lightweight and easy to move, which makes it ideal for anyone who tends to rearrange their furniture on a regular basis and doesn’t want to struggle with a particularly heavy piece of furniture to do so.


  • Thanks to its size, this sofa can easily fit into most any space without looking overbearing
  • Can be easily assembled within half an hour


  • Some owners have reported that the sofa is very hard, making it difficult to sit on for a very long time

6. Pacific Easy-Care Sofa Couch

Not only is this faux leather sofa very attractive, but it is also incredibly easy to care for, which makes it a great choice for any busy home. Thanks to the comfortable box spring seats and the contrasting legs, this sofa is sure to make a statement, no matter what type of décor you already have in your home.

Unlike other sofas that have a striking silhouette and are uncomfortable to sit on, this sofa not only perfectly captures the modern look of newer sofas, but it still manages to be comfortable. This is in part thanks to the high-quality materials that were used in its construction and the way that it was designed.


  • The silver legs provide a wonderful contrast with the black faux leather
  • The upholstery is easy to wipe down when it needs to be cleaned


  • There are reports of the sofa being incredibly difficult to assemble

7. Langley Street Warren Sofa

With deeply tufted cushions and backs, armrests that are both sleek and plush at the same time, and solid wood legs that will help to lift the sofa up and provide some visual lightness, it’s easy to see why so many people love this faux leather sofa from Langley Street. Unlike other sofas that use faux wood for the legs, you don’t have to worry about the longevity of the legs on this sofa since they are made of solid wood.

Additionally, they come with plastic glides so that you don’t have to worry about accidentally scratching the floor. Finally, this attractive sofa is designed in a way that it can easily fit into most décor, but it will still stand out.


  • Screwing in the legs is the only assembly required
  • The sofa feels very sturdy and doesn’t wobble


  • Some owners have reported that the faux leather sticks to clothing
  • There are reports of wrinkles in the upholstery that lower the quality of appearance

8. Brayden Studio Runkle Headrest Sofa

Enjoy a very clean and streamlined look with this sofa, without having to give up the comfort of quality headrests thanks to the adjustable rests and foam cushions.

Not only is this sofa just as comfortable as it is attractive, but it has a few extra touches that really set it apart from any other sofa on the market. 

The legs add an interesting design feature to the sofa and prevent it from being just another faux black leather sofa, while the arms are sleek yet comfortable. The cushions provide plenty of support without being too firm for long periods of use.


  • The sofa offers plenty of cushioned support to help you relax after a long day
  • The adjustable headrests ensure that you are comfortable when sitting


  • Some owners have reported that the sofa is too narrow to sit comfortably
  • There are some reports of the faux leather being wrinkled and not smooth
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