8 Vegan Leather Sectional Sofa Options to Buy

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Looking for a vegan leather sectional sofa? Here are 8 options to buy that should help you find exactly what you're looking for. Get ready to lounge in cruelty-free luxury!

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1. Charlton Home Aldora Reversible Sectional

You’ll be able to comfortably fit five people on this great sectional sofa and still feel comfortable, thanks to its roomy design and the supportive foam that is used in its construction. Because it can easily hold up to 1000 pounds without being damaged, you never have to worry about accidentally breaking a leg on this sectional. While you do need to assemble it at home, assembly is very easy and won’t take long at all. Additionally, you get to decide if you want the sectional to be assembled facing to the right or to the left, which gives you the ability to customize this furniture to meet your needs.


  • It is easy to wipe spills off of the surface without them damaging the faux leather
  • The darker tone helps to hide spills and any imperfections


  • There are some reports that the faux leather rips easily and can be damaged by knocking into the side of the sectional
  • Some owners have reported that the cushions begin to crack after only a year of use

2. Langley Street Emanuel Reversible Sectional

You’ll love the clean and modern lines that this sectional has, as well as the many different colors that you can choose from, which makes finding the perfect piece of furniture for your living room faster and easier than ever before. Not only can you sit comfortably on the sectional, but there is plenty of space for you to lay back and rest your eyes or enjoy watching TV. Unlike some other sectionals that quickly become soft and “worn in”, this sectional manages to stay firm and provides plenty of support to the people who are sitting on it. This means that you won’t ever have to worry about having pain in your back after spending time on this sectional.


  • The compact size makes it ideal for smaller living spaces
  • The firm cushions are very comfortable
  • The material is very soft and feels nice to the touch


  • Some owners have reported the middle cushion sagging due to a lack of internal support
  • There are reports of the cushions feeling a little thin

3. Wade Logan Spirit Lake Sleeper Reversible Sectional

One of the main reasons why people opt for this sectional from Wade Logan is because it is also a sleeper sofa. While this does mean that it is going to be much heavier than other types of sectionals, it has the added benefit of giving you a place for overnight guests to sleep. Not only is the bed very comfortable to sleep on, but it is very easy to pull out and to put back, as well, which means that you won’t have to waste a lot of time getting it ready for guests. The faux leather is very attractive as well as soft, so you don’t have to sacrifice comfort to get a quality sleeper sofa for your home.


  • The sleek look of this sectional will look at home in most any room of the house


  • There are reports of the back of the sofa not being fully covered in vinyl, which can make the piece look unfinished
  • Some users have reported that since the pieces don’t connect, it is easy for people to fall down between the cracks of the sectional

4. Sofamania Modern Large Sectional Sofa

Thanks to the extra wide chaise lounge on this sectional sofa, you are sure to enjoy all of the comfort that you want when you are relaxing with your family. You can finally have the white sofa that you have always wanted without having to worry about whether or not the white will stay clean and look great or if it will fade and look dingy, as this sofa is incredibly forgiving and very easy to clean. If you want a plush sectional sofa that is as comfortable as it is attractive, then this is a great option for you to consider for your home. This piece is a great way of adding seating to your home without sacrificing style and comfort.


  • Very stylish piece looks great in most any space
  • The upholstery is very durable and will stay clean and white for a long time, no matter how busy your family is and what kind of use your sofa gets on a regular basis
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  • There are reports of the sofa cushions overlapping because they are too wide, which makes it hard to get comfortable

5. Andover Mills Russ Sectional with Ottoman

If you want to upgrade your seating in your family room or living room and want to make sure that you not only have a comfortable place to sit, but also a place to prop your feet, then you need to consider the benefits of choosing a sectional sofa that comes with an ottoman. Not only is this ottoman large enough to support a few pairs of feet at once, but the lid lifts up to expose hidden storage which makes it very easy to clean up your room before you have company over. It’s easy to spot clean the faux leather using a high-quality cleaner, which will ensure that your sectional always looks as good as new.


  • The upholstery feels very soft to the touch, but is incredibly durable
  • It’s easy to wipe off any pet fur that accumulates on the sofa


  • Some users have reported that the plastic legs do not offer enough support for the sofa to be secure
  • There are reports that the sectional pillows are not completely covered in faux leather, but half faux leather and half fabric

6. Ebern Designs Caius Sectional with Ottoman

Not only is this tufted sectional very comfortable to sit on, thanks to the solid frame and the comfortable foam filling, but it is able to hold its shape no matter how many people like to lounge on your sofa. The cup holder in the arm of the sofa ensures that you won’t spill your drink when you are sitting and spending time with your friends or family, and adds a contemporary touch to the sofa. Both the sectional and the ottoman have classic stitching that will ensure that the pieces are as attractive as they are functional and that they don’t look too modern, which means that they can fit in most any home without problems. Unlike other sectionals which can appear very heavy, this option is a bit more airy and light in appearance, thanks to its quality design.


  • This attractive sectional is small enough to fit in most any room of your home
  • The light color ensures that it does not appear too visually heavy


  • There are some reports that the sectional can be very uncomfortable to sit on
  • Some users have reported that there is not a lot of support along the back and head

7. Orren Ellis Yager Sectional

When you want to update your space with a chic sectional, then you need to consider buying this one from Orren Ellis. Not only is the faux leather upholstery very durable and easy to clean, but the solid wood frame is designed to provide you with all of the support that you need when sitting on the sectional. The chrome legs gleam and add a lovely contrast to the overall sectional. To make sure that you are as comfortable as possible, you can enjoy the adjustable armrests and headrests, which means that you will be able to sit for as long as possible without getting stiff.


  • The cushions are designed to be firm enough to give you support when sitting on the sectional
  • The off-white color is not so bright that it is glaring or hurts the eyes


  • Some users have reported that the white peels off of the upholstery
  • There are some reports of the sectional being very uncomfortable and firm to sit on

8. Divano Roma Furniture Modern Sectional

For the perfect addition to your contemporary home, you need to look for a sectional that is a little bit different than other pieces of furniture that you can buy, and this piece from Divano Roma Furniture fits the bill. The two-tone faux leather is very modern and will add some contrast and interest to your space without you having to make major changes to the overall design or layout of the room. It is a very low sectional, but that doesn’t mean that it is difficult to get on and off of, as you can easily stand up and sit down without feeling strained. Additionally, assembly is very easy and fast, which means you can start enjoying it right away.


  • The contrasting colors look great together and make the sectional look more elegant
  • High-quality stitching elevates the entire piece


  • There are reports that the sectional is more stylish than comfortable, especially when sitting on it for a long period of time
  • Some users have had problems getting off of the sofa as it is so low to the ground
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