10 Vegan Leather Backpack Options You’re Going to Love

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Are you looking for a vegan leather backpack? You’re going to love these 10 options. Shop cruelty-free and carry around your belongings in style. You’ll find men’s, women’s and unisex backpacks below…

Vegan Leather Backpack Options You’re Going to Love

Now let’s look at some of these backpacks…

Don’t have time to read? Here’s a quick summary of the products we recommend.

Product Name Grade
Unisex Brown Vegan Leather Laptop Messenger Backpack by LXY A
Women’s Cherry Red Vegan Leather Backpack by Scarleton A
Unisex Lux Black Ribbed Vegan Leather Backpack by Doshi A+
Unisex Gray Crosshatch Backpack with Faux Leather Straps by Herschel Supply Co. A+

1. Unisex Brown Vegan Leather Laptop Messenger Backpack by LXY

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  • A Unisex brown vegan leather messenger backpack with plenty of space to carry a laptop and larger equipment. 
  • Has six compartments plus two hidden anti-theft pockets to tuck away your headphones, keyboard, cords and umbrella.
  • Closes with a buckle strap flap top and metal clasp that can be undone to expand the bag when you need a little more room.
  • Advertised as vegan: Yes.
  • Pros: The style, the price and the organized compartments make this bag a winner for work or leisure. You could even pack it up with your hiking gear and hit the trails.
  • Cons: The vendor’s description says this bag fits a 14″ laptop, so if you have a 15″ or larger laptop you need to take with you, this may not be the backpack for you.

2. Women’s Cherry Red Vegan Leather Backpack by Scarleton

Scarleton Fashion Backpack, Purses for women, Backpack Purse for Women, Fashion Backpack for Women, H160810 - Red

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  • Haute couture for women in cherry red vegan leather without the exorbitant price tag.
  • A mid-sized backpack with adjustable straps, soft fabric lining and a zippered top.
  • Features a curved outer pocket in front and a hidden pocket in the back.
  • Advertised as vegan: Yes, in the product description.
  • Pros: A stylish replacement for the usual purse, because let’s face it — sometimes you need a change. Simple and elegant, this bag will go with your dressier outfits plus all your jeans and tees.
  • Cons: This bag is not recommended for students as it’s too small for binders and laptops.

3. Unisex Lux Black Ribbed Vegan Leather Backpack by Doshi

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  • Doshi crafts high-quality vegan leather bags for conscientious shoppers seeking the slickest styles — exactly what this black vegan leather backpack offers.
  • Designed with a fine ribbed outer shell and a scarlet fabric interior.
  • Functional with an inner laptop sleeve and zippered pocket.
  • Advertised as vegan: Yes.
  • Pros: Professional, elegant and practical, this bag can fit your business, airport travel and day trip needs. Pairs gorgeously with a suit or dressy fabric pants.
  • Cons: Definitely in the upscale price range.

4. Unisex Gray Crosshatch Backpack with Faux Leather Straps by Herschel Supply Co.



  • A classic Herschel backpack in crosshatch gray fabric and tan synthetic leather buckle straps.
  • Seals with a drawstring closure under a flap top secured with a magnetic clasp.
  • Made with wide, padded shoulder straps and a Herschel logo patch stitched onto the lower front.
  • Advertised as vegan: No. The materials used in the bag’s construction are fabric and faux leather. 
  • Pros: Herschel is a well-known name in dependable backpacks, and the fact that it makes bags with synthetic leather bumps it up several notches in our books. This one is meant for rugged outdoors activities and hefty books and materials.
  • Cons: None that we could find.

5. Women’s Brown Woven Vegan Leather Backpack from Shomico

  • Slip your MacBook safely and securely into this boho women’s backpack made of woven brown vegan leather.
  • Designed with a rounded top and convenient outer pockets on the front and sides.
  • Durable construction with a fabric lining and an anti-theft pocket on the back.
  • Advertised as vegan: Yes.
  • Pros: A great casual backpack for short trips or a day off moseying around town. Laid back with a dash of bohemian femininity.
  • Cons: It’s a small to medium-sized backpack, so if you’re used to a large tote or shoulder bag, plan your needs accordingly.

6. Men’s Vegan Leather and Camo Backpack by YoungLA

  • Fitness brand YoungLA made this men’s camo and tan vegan leather backpack for both the gym and class for busy students.
  • Flexible body with multiple pockets and compartments to accommodate books, clothes, shoes and other essentials.
  • Built with top and a front handles to grab at multiple angles.
  • Advertised as vegan: Yes.
  • Pros: Because of its flexible construction, this is a dream bag for those looking for a multipurpose backpack to keep up with an active lifestyle. Take it with you to work out, to school or on a camping trip.
  • Cons: It can be flattened and reshaped like nobody’s business, but it may not offer enough support as a work bag — sensitive items like folders and important paperwork may need the sort of extra protection from squishing a briefcase or reinforced bag can offer.


7. Men’s Brown Ray Faux Leather Backpack by Guess

  • Spruce up your work or school bag game with this Guess luxury men’s backpack made of buttery brown faux leather. 
  • Fully lined backpack with adjustable straps, a zip top and a zippered outer pocket for the extras.
  • Features a Guess logo patch on the front.
  • Fits a standard size laptop with plenty of room for tablets, books, notebooks, an extra sweater…
  • Advertised as vegan: No, but this backpack is made of faux leather.
  • Pros: Match your backpack to your style. A casual but super slick way to pack up your work station and head to the coffee shop or class. 
  • Cons: May or may not be suitable for work depending on how casual your work environment is.

8. Women’s Black Faux Leather Backpack from Dorothy Perkins

  • Looking for an easy-breezy office bag? This ladies’ urban backpack combines sophistication and functionality in pebbled black faux leather.
  • Secured with a drawstring closure and flap top.
  • Faux leather straps are braided with silver metal chains.
  • Advertised as vegan: No. This bag is 100% leather-like polyurethane.
  • Pros: A tasteful, grown-up backpack in black to match your business suits. But you don’t have to save this bag for the office or business meetings. Wear it anywhere you want a little boost of chic, day or night.
  • Cons: It looks large enough to carry your smaller electronics, but it may not fit a larger laptop.

9. Men’s Studded Black Faux Leather Backpack by Spiral

  • Asos brings you this glam punk men’s black faux leather backpack by Spiral to keep your style fresh.
  • Studded with gunmetal embellishments on the front and sides.
  • Built with a reinforced handle, a full-size outer pocket and a zippered inner pocket.
  • Advertised as vegan: No, but the materials are polyurethane and polyester.
  • Pros: Backpacks don’t need to be the same ol’ same ol. Put on your favorite denim and toss this bag over your shoulder.
  • Cons: It’s not the most expensive backpack, but it’s not cheap, either.

10. Women’s Black Becky Backpack from Topshop

  • Somewhere between a shoulder bag and backpack in style, Topshop’s Becky backpack is versatile in black leather-like material with roomy side pockets for quick access.
  • Closes with a drawstring and a buckled flap top.
  • Adorned with gold tone hardware.
  • Advertised as vegan: No, but this backpack is all polyurethane.
  • Pros: It’s elegant and compact, suitable for the office and for casual wear. Should fit at least a tablet if not a smaller MacBook.
  • Cons: It’s on the small side, so if you need this for work, plan to use it on lighter days when you don’t need to carry around a big, bulky laptop.

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