Are Sprinkles Vegan? (Plus 1 Safe Vegan Sprinkle Brand)

Are sprinkles vegan? Do vegan sprinkle brands exist? We're here to answer all of your questions and more!

are sprinkles vegan

In this guide, you'll find...

  • Are sprinkles always vegan?
  • What vegan sprinkle brands are there?
  • What red flag ingredients you should look for on the label of sprinkles.

Are Sprinkles Vegan?

Sprinkles are sometimes vegan, but not always. 

Sprinkles containing "confectioners glaze" have the potential to contain insects, so that is an ingredient to be wary of.

This applies to both chocolate sprinkles and rainbow sprinkles.

We found many different formulations of sprinkles during our research, so ingredient lists per brand may vary. Some contain gelatin, which vegans should definitely avoid.

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When Does It Do More Harm Than Good?

That said, should vegans avoid sprinkles at all costs?

Should you turn down an otherwise vegan cupcake that a loved one made you because there's a chance it may have a trace amount of animal products?

It's certainly your choice, but it may do more harm than good.

According to the definition of veganism, you should be doing everything possible and practical to reduce your harm to animals. 

Turning down an otherwise vegan cupcake might make veganism seem un-achievable or "too strict" for the person that made it for you.

It may give them an excuse to not give the lifestyle a try, which will cause more animal suffering in the long run.

Certainly, this is a gray line and you should buy 100% vegan sprinkles if you're doing the purchasing. 

But it's something to think about regardless.

We always think it's better for someone to be 99% vegan than 0%. Especially since living a 100% vegan lifestyle is impossible. 

Vegan Sprinkle Brands

The one vegan sprinkle brand that we were able to find is Let's Do Organic. Their package specifically has a Vegan label on it. Even their ingredient statement says that their colors are from 100% vegan sources.

Let's Do Organic Sprinkelz

Check out Let's Do Organic Sprinkelz online!

If you want to be 100% sure that you're getting the sprinkles that caused the least amount of suffering possible, getting organic sprinkles is a great choice. This is because organic sugar isn't processed the same way as conventional and doesn't have the potential to have animal products anywhere in the supply chain.

What Are Sprinkles Exactly?

Sprinkles are little candies, usually all black or rainbow, that are used on top of cookies and desserts. They're mainly for decoration, texture, and sweetness and wouldn't really be ideal to eat all on your own.

They're pretty much 100% nutritionally void, being primary composed of sugar and oil. 

All this aside, sprinkles are adored by many people across the world and are almost a symbol of celebration - certainly a fun food!

What To Look Out for In Sprinkles

There are a few things that you should be on the look out for when it comes to sprinkles and a few other details to be aware of. Some red flag ingredients to keep an eye out for going to be:

  • Confectioners Glaze
  • Gelatin

Gelatin is made directly from the connective tissue and tendons of pigs.

Confectioners glaze, oddly enough, is usually made from beetle juice and a resin made from Lac insect excretions

The sugar, coloring, and flavors in sprinkles have the potential to have animal products somewhere in the production process, but we don't recommend that you get caught up on it.

Tracing the origins of all these products in a given sprinkle brand  would be extremely difficult and the reduction on suffering for animals wouldn't account for much. This is why many vegan experts recommend not focusing on trace ingredients.

Final Word on Vegan Sprinkles

If you're a vegan do your best to avoid sprinkles with confectioners glaze and other animal products such as gelatin.

Don't stress too much about other dubious trace ingredients like sugar, colors, and flavors, but simply do the best you can.

And think twice about turning down a 99% vegan cupcake with sprinkles that your friend made you.

It may turn them off to the lifestyle.

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