Vegan Butter at Target – Do You Know Your Options?

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Vegan Butter at Target

Vegan Butter

Checking out what vegan butter options exist at Target? We can help you find them quickly and painlessly.

Continue on below for authentic-tasting vegan butter at Target.

1. Miyoko’s European Style Cultured Vegan Butter

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European-style butter is highly creamy and cultured with pleasantly fermented characteristics, but like other typical butters, it’s not traditionally vegan. Miyoko’s has answered the need to change that, and now you can buy Miyoko’s European Style Cultured Vegan Butter in Target’s refrigerated grocery sections. Instead of dairy, it uses organic coconut and sunflower oils blended with cashews and cultures, miraculously creating a meltable connoisseur butter that’s better than the real thing. Bake with it, eat it on toast or add it to vegan cream sauces.

2. Earth Balance Original Buttery Spread

Earth Balance Original Buttery SpreadSave

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Many vegans rely on Earth Balance Original for their nondairy butter needs. It’s an oil-based margarine type of vegan butter with annatto for a deep yellow color. It really does taste like butter and is easy to spread right out of the refrigerator. Like a lot of other vegan butters, it’s gluten-free. Since it’s such a straightforward vegan butter option, we recommend it for those who are new to veganism. Feel free to incorporate it into any of your cooking and baking recipes. 

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