Vegan Wine at Target – 10 Options You’ll Really Enjoy

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Vegan Wines at Target

Vegan Wines at Target

Especially if you’ve recently gone vegan, wine may not even be on your radar when it comes to separating the vegan from the non-vegan items on the grocery list. Luckily, Target sells quite a variety of vegan wines, as we’ve discovered.

Below, you’ll find 10 vegan wines at Target from juicy pinot grigio to trendy boxed wine that you can purchase without a second thought.

So what is it about wine that might not be vegan?

A process called “fining” is a step in wine-making in which large particles like proteins and yeast are removed to improve the wine’s taste and appearance. The troublesome element can lie in what’s used as a filtration mechanism. Sometimes animal products like gelatin and casein are used. In these cases, the resulting products can’t be considered vegan.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t vegan wines you can swing into your local Target and buy. Keep reading for scrumptious wines available at Target that use absolutely no animal byproducts in their production.

1. JaM Cellars Butter Chardonnay

JaM Cellars Butter ChardonnaySave

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Smooth like buttah, this California chardonnay comes from cold-fermented grapes for clean, bright flourishes of lemon and stone fruits that melt against the creamy texture. It finishes with sweet vanilla, making it perfect for dessert or dinner.

2. California Roots Cabernet Sauvignon

California Roots Cabernet SauvignonSave

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Joining the affordable wine competition, Target has recently introduced California Roots. From what we can tell, only the cabernet sauvignon is vegan at this time. It’s said to be a good, robust cabernet, oaky and thick-bodied with notes of cherry, black currant and vanilla. For food pairings, we suggest vegan shepherd’s pie or something mushroom-based.

3. Charles Smith Band of Roses Rosé

Charles Smith Band of Roses RoséSave

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Vegan rosé and summer decks are two peas in a pod. Charles Smith Band of Roses Rosé features pinot gris grapes for a crisp and refreshing wine bursting with tropical fruits and hints of lilac. It’s light and dry, a good salad wine or sunny afternoon sipper.

4. Bogle Merlot

Bogle MerlotSave

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Most of Bogle’s wines are vegan, including the merlot. It’s an all-around drinkable red wine, full-bodied with a deep purple hue and aged in American oak. Its not too heavy, which is nice if you like to sip a glass on its own. If you do want it to accompany a meal, try it with a pasta or rice dish, or even something a little spicy that will balance the slight sweetness.

5. Verdi Spumante Bosca Sparkling White Wine

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Verdi Spumante Bosca Sparkling White WineSave

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Sparkling wine is special, perfect for parties, dinner toasts and celebrations of all sorts. Verdi Spumante’s Bosca sparkling white is an Italian gem. Pleasantly fizzy and a little sweet, it will complement light meals and fruity desserts. There’s no happy sound like the sound of a cork popping when you’re with friends and family.

6. Kris Pinot Grigio

Kris Pinot GrigioSave

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Floral and honey-like with apricot and almond, this thirst-quenching pinot grigio is on the dry side. Finding the right food pairing can do wonders for enhancing the flavors. If we were to drink it with dinner, we’d go for something like a vegan pesto dish or even a stir-fry.

7. Santa Margherita Chianti Classico

Santa Margherita Chianti ClassicoSave

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Santa Margherita Chianti Classico is a dry red wine from the Chianti region of Tuscany, Italy. Its flavor profile is warm and rich with earthy tobacco, tart cherries and plum nicely rounded by oak aging. If you were ever going to have a red wine with a tomato sauce-based entree, this one would be it. It looks like all Santa Margherita wines are vegan, too.

8. Decoy Sauvignon Blanc

Decoy Sauvignon BlancSave

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Subtly sweet with crisp melon and bright lemon and lime, Decoy’s sauvignon blanc is made for grilling. It shines with grilled squashes and seared, marinated tofu or something fresh and zesty like a vegan banh mi layered with cilantro and pickled vegetables. Anything that can balance the wine’s subdued sweetness and play up its fruity notes would be ideal.

9. Wine Cube Riesling

Wine Cube RieslingSave

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Among recent foodie trends, box wine has surfaced as a party favorite. Target’s Wine Cube wines are all vegan, and people are loving the riesling. It’s said to be sweet, but not overly sweet, tasting like summer fruits with lime zest. For sure, it’s a good warm weather wine. Consider it for larger gatherings with varied tastes.

10. Hob Nob Pinot Noir

Hob Nob Pinot NoirSave

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Made from grapes from the coast of southern France, this wine has character. It’s neither too light nor too heavy with a smooth body and juicy red fruits and vanilla on the nose. There’s nothing you can’t pair with it, so you can keep it on hand for any meal.

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