Vegan Jerky at Target – Does it Actually Exist?

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Vegan Jerky at Target

If you’ve ever sunk your teeth into some vegan jerky, you know how world-changing it can be. But does vegan jerky at Target exist?

Find out below.

We couldn’t find any reliable evidence that Target stores generally carry vegan jerky, though it’s possible that some stores might now or in the future. For the time being, Amazon can assist you in your mock jerky search.

Take a look at the best vegan jerky brands at Amazon below.

Don’t have time to read? Here’s a quick summary of the products we recommend.

Product Name Grade
Primal Strips Meatless Vegan Jerky A
Unisoy Vegan Jerky A
Louisville Vegan Jerky Co. A

1. Primal Strips Meatless Vegan Jerky

Primal Spirit Vegan Jerky - Most Popular Flavors Pack, 10 g. Plant Based Protein, (

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You can hardly eat just one of these amazing vegan jerkies made from soy and seitan. Juicy and flavorful, they have an incredible texture that’s somehow both chewy and flaky. They’re also natural, GMO-less and free of preservatives. One of the perks of Primal Strips is that they’re individually wrapped, making them easy to throw in a bag or lunch box for snacking. If you can’t decide which one to try, get this variety pack with Hickory Smoked, Texas BBQ, Teriyaki and more. We’re quite loyal to the Hickory Smoked. 

2. Unisoy Vegan Jerky

Unisoy Vegan Jerky All 3 Flavors 3 Pack

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Vegans, vegetarians and omnivores rave about this jerky for its real jerky consistency (even though it’s vegan). With textured vegetable protein as its base, it’s super chewy and on the dry side. This triple flavor pack will introduce you to Cracked Black Pepper, Mild Spicy and Teriyaki. Buy this plant-based jerky brand if you’re looking for something that’s pretty realistic.

3. Louisville Vegan Jerky Co.

Louisville Vegan Jerky - Variety Pack, Vegan Jerky, 15-21 Grams of Protein, Gluten-Free Ingredients, Includes Black Pepper, Perfect Pepperoni, Maple Bacon, Carolina BBQ, & Buffalo Dill (3 oz, 5-Pack)

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Totally vegan and outrageously delicious, Louisville Vegan Jerky Co. jerkies feature hand-selected ingredients from local sources and ingenious flavor creations to produce an experience unlike any other. Want to try a vegan maple bacon jerky? You can. This particular selection on Amazon includes Paulette’s Maple Bacon, Enid’s Perfect Pepperoni, Tod’s Smoked Chipotle, Reuben’s Smoky Carolina BBQ and Pete’s Smoked Black Pepper. Paulette’s Maple Bacon is made with textured soy protein, genuine maple syrup, beet juice and other real food ingredients. We definitely approve.

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