Best Vegan Coats & Jackets (Sorted By Style and Type)

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If you're looking for a cruelty-free vegan jacket, then you've come to the right place. In this post, you'll find the best vegan jacket and coats sorted by style and type.

Let's get right to the jackets...

How This Coat Guide Works

In this guide, you'll find multiple different varieties of jackets that are cruelty-free. Each of the varieties on here links out to it's own separate page where you can learn and see more about that particular color or style.

Simply look for the link where it says "Find More Jackets Here" and follow that link to see more of what you're looking for.

Where to Buy Cruelty-Free Jackets and Coats

The internet is a wonderful thing for vegan shoppers. We found tons of retailers offering vegan outerwear, but here are the best for style, dependability and price range...

Looking for a particular style? Read on for eight different styles and over a dozen trends (and where to pick them up).

Vegan Jackets Sorted By Style

1. Vegan Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are iconic, like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. They come in virtually every style, but the moto jacket is possibly the most recognizable with a notch collar, a short length and an asymmetrical zipper. 

Because leather is an animal-derived product, it's not vegan. But don't worry—more designers than ever are using synthetic leathers, including Levi's, Guess and Tommy Hilfiger.

You'll see these and more on our lists of vegan leather jackets for men and women.


Image Source: ASOS

Because there are so many different colors, styles and types of faux leather, we've sorted our guides as such. First, we have this one, which presents red faux leather coats and jackets.

Red faux leather jackets always pair well with black and white. A pair of black jeans and motorcycle boots will make a statement when you walk into any room.


Image Source: ASOS

For those who want a more toned-down color scheme, we also have a guide on white vegan leather jackets. We found so many different varieties for both men and women for lots of different occasions.

What does a white vegan leather jacket go with? Anything, really. White matches all colors of the rainbow, and in a jacket, it tends to add a bit of a softer tone that makes it more adaptable for various style choices. It can even be great for casual-dress scenarios.


Image Source: Express

When autumn rolls around, brown is a great color to think about. The jackets we picked below are perfect for keeping yourself warm in those months where there's a little bit of a chill, but it's not downright snowing or hailing.

Like the white style, the brown leather jacket is versatile. It's softer than a red or black jacket, and its earthy vibe makes for a laid-back appeal. Wear it when you want to be comfy and look effortlessly stylish in your jeans and tees.

For Women

Image Source: Anthropologie

In the following guide, we hand-selected faux leather jacket styles that are specifically for women.

Like every woman, no two leather jackets are alike. If you're looking for a unique look, then you're sure to find something. You'll find everything from Moto Jackets to unique styles with jewels!

Plus Size

Image Source: ASOS

If you're a big guy or gal then you're in luck. In the guide below we've compiled 10 amazing plus size jackets that are also cruelty-free.

From faux fur trim, to classic Moto jacket styles, these jackets don't skimp on style. You're sure to find something for you below...

Image Source: Zappos

If you're looking for something guy-specific then, you'll love this next guide. We were able to find so many different type's of cruelty-free leather options for men that it was hard to narrow down to the best looking ones.

2. Vegan Leather Hooded Jackets

Image Source: ASOS

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The style of leather hooded jackets have gained quite a following. They're usually moto or biker jackets with hoods made of vegan leather or some type of soft sweater fabric. 

Conveniently, they often feature detachable hoods so you have the option of wearing them with dressier or more casual attire. We found plenty for ladies and gents by Guess, Blank NYC, River Island and other trendy designers on Amazon, Zappos, Free People and Asos.

Take a look.

Imitating the look of real fur but made with cruelty-free synthetic fur, vegan fur jackets for men and women can be short, long, shaggy, plushy and all colors of the rainbow (some certainly are). 

We're thrilled to report that faux fur is extremely accessible now that so many designers are opting out of real fur. Pop onto Zappos and H&M for posh and luxury options and Amazon, Asos, Urban Outfitters and other retailer websites we combed through for edgier and laid-back varieties to style with jeans and graphic tees.

4. Vegan Fur Coats


While vegan fur coats can sometimes be virtually indistinguishable from vegan fur jackets, a good rule of thumb is that the coats are warmer. Like vegan fur jackets, they can be any combination of shape, length and color—just a wee bit heavier.

Recently, faux fur coats have become hugely popular in fashion, in part due to a demand for cruelty-free options. You'll find them from online retailers to the display windows of boutiques and department stores.

From men's longline coats at H&M to women's teddy coats on Asos, we've got some of the latest vegan styles to show you on our vegan fur coats guide for easy, breezy shopping.

5. Vegan Pea Coats

Image Source: H&

The pea coat is an ultra classic style popularized by the British navy and now an overcoat staple. It's dress-casual, double-breasted with notch lapels and usually falling to about hip-length. Pea coats for men have been particularly stylish lately.

The thing about pea coats is that they're almost always made of wool or a wool blend—so they're almost always not vegan.

But fear not: we found some perfectly traditional vegan varieties you can purchase at Amazon and H&M.

Image Source: Express

Puffer coats are quilted, characterized by soft padding and stitching that gives them a segmented look. Fashion is kind of in love with them right now, so you'll find them pretty much anywhere you shop.

They're great for everyday fall to winter wear, casual and oh-so cozy. Just make sure they're padded with vegan materials. Polyester is a popular one.

Check out the chic men's and women's vegan puffer coats from Anthropologie, Asos, Amazon and Urban Outfitters on our vegan puffer coats list. We picked out the trendiest of the trendy from velvet, to belted, to faux fur-trimmed.

7. Vegan Down Coats

Image Source: Zappos

If you live in a land of particularly frosty winters, you might know all about down coats. They're usually pretty heavy-duty and insulated with goose or duck feathers, which is totally unvegan.

But brands like Alpine North on Amazon and Save the Duck on Zappos specialize in vegan down coats from puffers to parkas made with featherless insulators. Express and Vermont snowboard brand Burton also use synthetic fill and heat-reflective technologies to keep you super toasty. 

Find more Cruelty-Free Down Coats here...

8. Vegan Dress Coats

Image Source: H&

Whether it's for a gala or for business, a vegan dress coat is always a good idea to have hanging in your closet. You never know when you'll be needing to don your best duds, and when you do, you'll need a coat to match.

Dress coats can be tricky because so many are wool-based, especially men's (like pea coats). Even if they're not 100 percent wool, they're often made with wool and synthetic or natural fiber blends.

However, all cotton or synthetic coats aren't impossible to find. Stick with us and we'll show you all the snazzy trench coats, faux fur coats and military styles we found on Amazon, Asos and H&M for your next fancy-dress event.

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