Top 8 Best Vegan Cycling Shoes

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Best Vegan Cycling Shoes

Are you looking for a pair of vegan cycling shoes? They're not easy to find, but we've hand-selected several pairs that you can strap up and hit the road with.

Check them out below...

Best vegan Cycling Shoes

Louis Garneau, Women's Mica MTB Bike Shoes, Black, US (10), EU (41)

These shoes are an especially good fit for mountain biking. They're designed with removable studs on the outsoles to prevent mud buildup and provide traction on the ground.

Plus, hook and fastener straps help support your heel and keep your foot comfy. Long days spent on rough trails make features like this an absolute necessity.

It's worth noting that they're not advertised specifically as vegan. However, they're mesh fabric and synthetic leather. 


  • They're secure, thanks to their adjustable ratchet straps.
  • Constructed with arch support and reflective heels for visibility in low light.
  • Made from mesh fabric and synthetic leather.
  • The company is well-known for making durable cycling shoes.


  • They're a little pricey.

PEARL IZUMI Men's X-ALP Canyon Cycling Shoe, Black/Black, 39

Pearl Izumi's X-ALP Canyon shoes ease the switch from cycling to walking when you need to walk your bike for a stretch. This makes them one of the most flexible and comfy cycling shoes we could find.

They're also excellent for keeping your feet cool on long rides. Due to their breathable uppers, airflow is unimpeded throughout your shoe, helping prevent overly sweaty feet. 


  • The seamless uppers promote air circulation to keep your feet cool.
  • Their composite midsole shanks can hook up to SPD pedal systems.
  • The uppers are designed not to press hard against the soft tissue on top of your feet, boosting your comfort.
  • They are not specifically advertised as vegan, but they are made from textile and synthetic materials.


  • The sizing might be on the small side.

Venzo Bicycle Men's Road Cycling Riding Shoes - 3 Straps- Compatible with Peloton Shimano SPD & Look ARC Delta - Perfect for Road Racing Bikes Black Color 46

Stylish and chic, the Venzo Men's or Women's Cycling Shoes are perfect for cyclists looking to stand out from the crowd. The red accents are flashy against the dark background and contrast with the light mesh in the uppers.

Additionally, they're designed to be usable with every single cleat type out there today. Wear these attractive shoes with your Peloton bike or Look Delta bike - it doesn't make a difference.

If you hate sweaty feet, you'll have another thing to appreciate about these shoes: their synthetic uppers are created to dry out quickly. No more having to slip your feet into unpleasantly damp shoes.


  • Attractive design sets these shoes apart from others.
  • Not advertised as vegan, but made from textiles and synthetic materials.
  • Their cleat area is compatible with a wide range of cleat types.
  • Covered by a two-year warranty. 


  • Can be a little on the expensive side. 
  • There are some reports of the screws needing to be frequently tightened when fastened into pedals. 

Gavin MTB Mountain Bike Mesh Indoor Fitness Cycling Shoes Mens Womens SPD

If you've got an indoor spin bike, these Gavin MTB shoes could be precisely what you're looking for. They're created to be lightweight and comfortable so your feet don't feel painfully restricted as you pedal. 

Beyond the weight of the shoes, the materials are excellent for airflow and drying, too. The insole is perforated to permit air circulation so your shoes don't get sweat-soaked and the mesh panels work to cool your feet down.

Additionally, they have two-bolt cleats that work with a range of pedals, including Crank Brothers, SPD, and MTB. 


  • Cleats are compatible with a variety of pedal types.
  • Perforation in the insole enables shoes to dry out quickly.
  • Padding on the collar prevents the shoes from chafing your ankles.
  • Mesh panels on the uppers allow air to circulate around your feet.
  • Although not advertised as vegan, the shoe is made from synthetic materials. 


  • Some owners have noted that they can be a bit narrow.
  • The soles can slide a bit while you're walking on hard surfaces.

No products found.

No products found.

The manufacturer describes these shoes as humid weather-ready with antimicrobial mesh uppers and moisture-wicking features. This moisture-wicking quality is ideal for anyone who goes hard while they cycle, as it prevents your shoes from feeling waterlogged.

We'd also like to put a spotlight on the antimicrobial materials. The mesh in the upper and the sockliner are both made from antimicrobial components, which allows the shoes to resist bacterial growth.


  • Ventilated for airflow.
  • Made with three-hole cleat and SPD cleat mounts.
  • Not advertised as vegan, but made entirely from synthetic materials.
  • They're comfortable and airy.
  • Pink accents add a splash of color to the look of the shoes.
  • Perfect for muggy weather conditions and sweaty feet alike.
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  • There are a couple reports that the shoes run on the small side.

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No products found.

Tommaso Pista Women's Indoor Cycling Ready Cycling Shoe Bundle - Black/Pink - Look Delta - 39

Looking for the perfect spin class shoes? These Tommaso Pista shoes could be exactly what you're looking for, as they're specifically designed for spin class riders. This is due to the fact they come with SPD cleats installed already, saving you time and effort you'd have to spend looking for cleats.

Additionally, their velcro straps give you the power to tailor the fit to your liking. The straps secure the shoes to your feet so you won't need to worry about them coming loose.


  • Fiberglass-enforced soles have increased stiffness so you can push more easily on the pedals.
  • Not advertised as vegan, but made from synthetic materials. 
  • The straps are perfect for adjusting the fit of the shoes.
  • Includes SPD cleats already installed.
  • Available in several different appealing color combinations.


  • Some say the shoes run a little small. 

Fizik Tempo R5 Overcurve Cycling Shoe, black/ - 42, Black/Black, Model:TPR5OCMI11010-420

Boring is not a descriptor you could apply to the Fizik R5 Road Cycling Shoes. Although they are available in a nondescript black, you can purchase them in a range of bright and stylish colors.

Plus, they were created with cycling on pavement in mind. Their construction makes it possible for them to conform comfortably the shape of your feet while the nylon outsole makes pushing on the pedals a cinch.


  • Made entirely from synthetic materials
  • The shoes are sold in a few different attractive colors.
  • Nylon composite outsoles make pedaling more comfortable without sacrificing pushing power.
  • The uppers are flexible to conform to your foot while still being durable.


  • They're a bit narrow, so keep that in mind if you have wider feet.

Giro Techne W Womens Road Cycling Shoe − 39, Black (2020)

Do you hate having to spend a long time adjusting the fit of your shoes? The Giro Techne Women's Cycling Shoes take that frustration out of the cycling equation. 

Thanks to their three-strap closure, the shoes can be quickly and easily secured to your feet. Adjusting them while you're on the move can also be achieved fast so less time is taken out of your workout.


  • The shoes work with either two- or three-bolt pedal systems.
  • Hard nylon outsole helps boost your pedaling power.
  • They're sold in three classic colors. 
  • Made from synthetic materials. 
  • Easy-to-adjust fit with three-strap design.


  • Some users found them a tad snug, so you might need to get them in a larger size than usual.

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Outsole Stiffness

The outsoles of your shoes are always important, no matter what kind of shoe you're looking at. They're the part that meets the ground, so naturally, they need to be high-quality to protect your feet.

However, outsoles are even more important when it comes to cycling shoes. Soft soles can feel nice simply because they're comfortable, but they're not very great for pushing down on hard pedals. 

For that reason, you may want to consider the stiffness of the outsoles on any prospective cycling shoe. You can usually get an idea of what the outsoles are like based on the product descriptions and customer reviews of the shoes.


You've probably heard this saying: you get what you pay for. Well, it's definitely true when it comes to cycling shoes. Generally, the higher the cost, the higher the quality, as well.

This doesn't mean that all cycling shoes are going to be vastly out of your budget. The good news is that there are many reliable companies that make cycling shoes at a variety of price points. 

We'd suggest doing a general search for cycling shoes to get an idea of their prices, then decide what you're able to spend on them. 

Cleat Design

Cycling shoes can have different cleat designs. Depending on how the cleats of your shoes are designed, they can be compatible with specific types of bikes.

As an example, SPD cleats are versatile and compatible with Spinner bikes. Look Delta cleats, on the other hand, work with Trio pedals. 

To determine what types of cleats you need, make sure you confirm the type of pedals your bike has. 

Wrap Up 

Looking for vegan-friendly clothing options doesn't have to be impossible. The good news is that there are many shoes out there. In addition, many companies are striving to produce ethical products that their customers can feel good about purchasing.

As people join the vegan lifestyle, the array of products for you to choose from continues to grow more expansive. If you asked us to recommend one cycling shoe on this list, however, we'd suggest the No products found. for women and the Gavin MTB Mountain Bike Mesh Indoor Fitness Cycling Shoes for men. Both are excellent pairs of shoes that will prevent your feet from overheating and help you power through pedaling.

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