21+ Vegan Menu Options at Dunkin’ Donuts

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Need a pick-me-up on the road? Go ahead and indulge in these vegan options at dunkin donuts (beverages/drinks and food) and get moving again!



For a dose of caffeine, you can now ask for a number of coffee, tea and latte beverages to be made with almond milk. Just don’t forget to skip the whipped cream.

Here are some of the coffee drinks you can buy, hot or iced (with almond milk instead of dairy milk):

  • Coffee, with or without a Flavor Shot
  • Latte, with or without a Flavor Shot
  • Mocha Latte (with a Mocha Flavor Swirl)
  • Espresso
  • Turbo Shot
  • Macchiato
  • Coffee Coolatta
  • Cold Brew

The Flavor Shots you can add to your coffee include French Vanilla, Hazelnut, Toasted Almond, Blueberry, Raspberry and Coconut.


If you’re looking for a non-coffee beverage, try one of these:

  • Strawberry or Minute Maid Orange Coolatta
  • Iced Tea, sweetened or unsweetened
  • Hot Tea (black, green or herbal)

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Still, there are some drinks to be wary of, even if you ask for almond milk. While the Mocha Flavor Swirl is OK, the other Flavor Swirls aren’t, and the Coolatta flavors not mentioned above don’t make the cut (according to this Vegan Fact Sheet). 

Here are some of the things to stay away from:

  • Vanilla Chai
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Frozen Chocolate
  • Frozen Coffee

But if you stick with the above guide, you’ll be just fine.



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Feeling peckish? There are plenty of food choices that you can have with peanut butter or any vegan condiment you like.

Go for these options:

  • Bagels (no Sour Cream and Onion)
  • Bagel Twists (no Sour Cream and Onion or Cheddar Cheese)
  • Hash Browns
  • English Muffin
  • French Roll
  • Flatbread

What About the Donuts?

Unfortunately, there are no vegan doughnuts offered at Dunkin’ Donuts at this time. But recently, CEO David Hoffman has promised to offer more plant-based options in the near future.

Will these include a vegan doughnut? That remains to be seen, but with all the demand for one from petitions and the growing number of vegans in the U.S., it’s very possible that it’s in the works. 

As for right now, it’s safest to assume that any sweet treat, doughnut or otherwise, is going to be laden with dairy and animal products. 

In the meantime, if you’re craving doughnuts, you can often find plant-based baked goods of all sorts in natural food stores and places like Whole Foods. Check local bakeries and coffee shops, too.

Another way to go may be to make your own.

It turns out that making doughnuts is incredibly easy. Basically, you just need flour, sugar and plant milk for the doughnuts and the icing.

Then comes the fun part: decorating. You can really get as fancy or as simple as you care to. Crush up some Oreos and sprinkle them on top, spread some peanut butter and jelly on a plain doughnut, or add some cocoa powder to the icing to make it chocolate.

For all-natural food colorings, try blue spirulina like you see in this video for vibrant blue, matcha green tea powder for a pretty green color, beet powder for deep red and turmeric for golden yellow.

Enjoy your homemade doughnuts with your Coffee Coolatta made with almond milk!

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