Hazelnut Java Chip Frappuccino in the Nutribullet (Easy, Cheap & Healthy)

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Who doesn’t love Frappuccinos? They’re delicious, energizing and super refreshing!

The problem is that the ones you get from Starbucks are loaded with processed sugar, animal products and other stuff that is bad for you and the planet (including the plastic cup that gets thrown away).

Not to mention they’re quite pricey! The good news is that you can make a Frappuccino right inside your Nutribullet or other personal blender. You don’t need a super high-powered one to do it, even though you certainly can with a Vitamix or Blendtec. 

So here’s the healthy cheap and easy way that I like to make Frappuccinos…

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Check out the video below or keep scrolling for the printable recipe.

Hazelnut Java Chip Frappuccino in the Nutribullet

  • 1 Cup Soymilk (Unsweetened) (Or Other Non-Dairy Milk)
  • 2 Frozen Bananas (Cut Into Coins or Broken Up)
  • 1 Drop Hazelnut Flavor Extract (Or Other Flavor Extract)
  • 4 Oz Concentrated Brewed Coffee (Cooled / Iced)
  • 2 tbsp Cacao Nibs
  1. Brew a 4 oz concentrated cup of coffee and cool it off with a few ice cubes or in the refrigerator. You can also use cold brew.

  2. Add the coffee to the Nutribullet and add the 2 frozen bananas along with the rest of the listed ingredients. You can add some additional ice cubes to make it thicker.

  3. Put the blades on and blend!

  4. Add some frothed soy milk to the top (optional) and enjoy with a wide mouthed straw.


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