8 Faux Leather Reclining Sofa Options That Make the Room

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Looking for a faux leather reclining sofa? You're in the right place. We've compiled 8 of the most beautiful reclining couches made of faux leather on the market today.


Now let's check out these sofas.

1. Latitude Run Maddock Motion Reclining Sofa

Enjoy the style of a bright and padded sofa with the luxurious feel of soft faux leather with this bright red sofa from Latitude Run. Not only are the cushions, back, and arms heavily padded to ensure that you will be very comfortable when sitting on this sofa, but the faux leather is incredibly durable and the footrests offer full body support when you are reclining. This means that, thanks to the easily-operated reclining mechanism, you can lean back and really enjoy your evening without having to worry about pulling over a footstool. Unlike other sofas that will blend in with the rest of your décor in your living room, this one is made to stand out, thanks to the bright color as well as the contrasting stitching that adds extra visual interest to the piece.


  • The firm seating is cushioned enough to be comfortable but offers plenty of support
  • It is very easy to recline in this sofa


  • Some owners have reported that the sofa sits a little upright and can be a bit uncomfortable
  • There are some reports of the faux leather feeling thin

2. Darby Home Co Seatonville Motion Reclining Sofa by Simmons Upholstery

Thanks to the pocketed coils that are used in the seat cushions of this sofa, you won’t ever have to worry about whether or not you are going to be sitting on an uncomfortable area when you relax. This attractive sofa comes in a lighter faux leather that keeps the sofa itself from appearing too dark and heavy, which is great, as it is a larger piece. Not only is the sofa very comfortable, but the deeply padded cushions and back allow you to sink into a pillow support. Unlike some sofas that are difficult to recline, you won’t have any problems with this sofa due to the mechanism that is incredibly easy to operate, which means that everyone in your home will be comfortable when sitting on this sofa.


  • The reclining seats recline fully for the most comfort
  • The faux leather is very easy to wipe clean so that you don’t have to worry about the light color being stained


  • There are reports of owners who have back problems feeling like their pain is exacerbated
  • Some owners have reported that the faux leather tears very easily

3. Red Barrel Studio Koval Reclining Sofa

Unlike some faux leather sofas, this sofa is not only easy to clean and to take care of, but is mildew resistant and scratch resistant, which makes it the perfect choice if you live in a home with pets and children, as the sofa won’t be easily damaged. The contrast stitching on this sofa makes the fine lines of it pop, and it creates a lot more visual interest than if the pillows, front, and back were all left plain. When you are ready to relax, you will be able to use the reclining mechanism to really stretch out and get the support in your legs that you desire. Additionally, the deep color of this faux leather is very attractive and will look great in most any home.


  • Thanks to the size and weight of the sofa, it doesn’t feel inexpensive
  • Sofa doesn’t require a lot of space away from the wall to recline fully


  • Some owners have reported that white marks on the faux leather are impossible to remove
  • There are some reports of the couch being difficult to assemble and the back not locking securely into place

4. Red Barrel Studio Carolina Power Motion Reclining Sofa

One of the things to consider when you buy a reclining sofa is whether you want it to be a power recliner, as this will ensure that you can easily recline without having to fight with a mechanism. This attractive sofa from Red Barrel not only features a power reclining mechanism, which allows you to recline at any time without any work, but it also has a solid wooden frame to provide you with the support you need when sitting, as well as attractive features like nailhead trim. There’s no reason that you have to sacrifice aesthetics for function when you opt for this sofa, as the faux leather is not only attractive but comfortable, and the soft pillows will support your body.


  • This sofa is designed to stand up to animals without the faux leather being damaged
  • The power reclining mechanism is easy to use
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  • Some owners were concerned about how long the sofa would last

5. Darby Home Co Houle Reclining Sofa by Simmons Upholstery

This faux leather reclining sofa offers much more than meets the eye. Not only do the end seats recline so that you can fully relax at the end of a long day, but the hidden storage drawer underneath the middle seats provides you plenty of storage for remotes, magazines, and toys. Additionally, the back of the middle seat drops down to provide a table for the two end seats, and the top lifts up to shine a light. This allows you to have your snack, phone, or book nearby without having to worry about not having a flat surface for them to sit on. If you do accidentally spill, you can easily wipe up the spill without worrying about it damaging or staining the faux leather.


  • The extra storage helps you keep your room picked up
  • When the table is not in use, there is a comfortable third seat in the sofa


  • There are reports of visible staples showing where the faux leather was attached to the frame
  • Some owners have reported that the backs are not very comfortable

6. Red Barrel Studio Bolles Dual Reclining Sofa

This dual reclining sofa is not only solidly constructed so that you don’t have to worry about it breaking or coming apart, but it is also very comfortable thanks to the plywood and solid wood frame, durable fiber and foam, and quality faux leather. Not only is the sofa easy to clean, but it looks incredibly comfortable and attractive in any living room. The oversized seats are incredibly inviting and provide all of the space and comfort that you need when you are going to curl up at the end of a long day. Enjoy the pocketed coil seating to ensure that you aren’t ever uncomfortable when sitting on your sofa, and the tall backs to provide you with ample head support.


  • Modular construction mans you can easily get the sofa into small places
  • Soft but firm back is perfect for people with back problems.


  • Some owners were surprised by the amount of assembly involved

7. Latitude Run Pavonis Reclining Sofa

Enjoy a contemporary twist on an old classic with this attractive sofa. Not only is it stuffed with plenty of foam to provide a comfortable place to sit and relax, but the button reclining mechanisms are very easy to operate. Not only can this sofa work well in a more contemporary home thanks to the lighter color of the faux leather, but the classic shape and lines mean that it will also look right at home in a more traditional living room. While not a motor operated recliner, this sofa is very easy to operate, and the two end seats will recline quickly so that you can get comfortable when relaxing. Additionally, there is enough padding on the recliner so that you don’t have to worry about how much support your legs will have.


  • Even with the two end seats reclined, there is plenty of room for three people to sit on the sofa
  • The cushions are firm enough that they won’t lose their shape quickly


  • There are some reports of the recliner being difficult to close
  • Some owners have stated that the sofa is only really comfortable if you are shorter, but doesn’t offer you all of the support that you really need if you are taller

8. Red Barrel Studio Randel Reclining Sofa

This is a very sleek reclining sofa that doesn’t take up nearly as much room as you would expect from such a versatile and comfortable piece of furniture. The light gray color of the faux leather upholstery is very forgiving and ensures that any spills or stains will not be noticeable. With 56 pocketed coils in each seat, it’s easy to see that you will have plenty of support when sitting on this sofa, and you are sure to be incredibly comfortable. The seats are also full of memory foam gel, which ensures that you will be comfortable when you are sitting, but it will prevent the seats from losing their shape. Enjoy the stitching on the backs and seats, as it adds some interest to the furniture without being so high contrast as to be distracting.


  • The sofa is incredibly easy to assemble
  • You enjoy plenty of back support when sitting on this sofa, which is great for people who suffer from back problems.


  • Some owners have reported that when you reline the sofa, it leaves a hole between the seat and back cushions
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