My Urthbox Vegan Review & Unboxing – A Good Gift for 2019?

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vegan urthbox review and unboxing

Here’s myUrthbox Vegan Review...

OK, I have to be honest.As a frugal vegan, I’ve never been much for the idea of a food subscription box.My inclination is to live off dirt cheap foods like dried beans and frozen spinach.However, the culinary explorer inside of me decided to give Urthbox a try.

Being already skeptical, I was expecting the whole thing to be kind of boring.However, this was probably one of the most fun reviews I’ve written to date.

If you don’t want to read the entire review, here’s the bottom line:

Main Reason Why I Liked It: I loved being able to try the wide variety of snacks that Urthbox provided.Many of the products inside of the box actually inspired me to go out and create similar, cheaper, and healthier versions of the snacks. 

Most of the products I had never seen, so the novelty and different flavors were quite exciting.I think it’s worth getting a few boxes for some inspiration and to see just how much different vegan stuff is out there.It would also make an excellent gift for someone who loves to graze / snack.

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Main Complaints: Well, I don’t think there’s much to not like per se, but I think the cost could be a little bit less(I didn’t use a coupon code though). Additionally, I would have liked to see more healthier snacks in the box.Some of the snacks were made with clean, healthy ingredients.However, a lot of others seemed to be more like candy or somewhere in the middle between healthy food and junk food.Not to say that these snacks didn’t taste good, but I don’t like seeing the word healthy thrown around haphazardly.Keep reading for a more in depth review of all the products and costs associated with our vegan Urthbox! 




entire contents of the urthbox


peanut butter powder


nutriva hazlenut spread


ginger chews


whole cuts fries chips

spinach and matcha kettle chips


orange ginger juice



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sunrype fruit to go bar


piroucrisp cookies

beet it sport bar


superfood protein shake


keen one quinoa cup

Praises:It was super healthy and tasted even better than aninstant ramenIt was basically a noodle cup that I poured water into and stuck into the microwaveAfter a few minutes of eating and letting it sit, it was a flavorful quinoa bowl that was ready to eat.

Cons: Overall Rating:




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