How to Cut Sweet Potatoes into Fries (Quick & Easy)

Looking for an easy way to cut sweet potatoes into fries?

You're in the right place!

In this post, I'm going to show you two ways that I like to do it. And don't worry, they don't require any special knife skills.

The first way is super easy.

The second way is a bit more advanced (and requires better knife skills), but it's also not that difficult.

Let's begin!

You can keep scrolling to see a picture-based guide or simply watch the video below...

Cut Sweet Potato Fries Video Guide

Cutting Sweet Potato Fries Step by Step

Safety Tip: Be sure to use a sharp knife and follow all cutting safety precautions. I'm not a professional chef, but this is how I do it quickly and easily in my own home.

Step 1

Lay the sweet potato on the cutting board and cut off both ends. This will make it easier to cut in the subsequent steps.

lay sweet potato on the cutting board and slice off both ends

Step 2

Cut the sweet potato in half right down the middle. You can cut it in thirds if it's a really big sweet potato. It makes it easier to manage.

cut the sweet potato in half long ways

Step 3

Lay the sweet potatoes on middle-side down onto the cutting board. They should be able to stand up without you touching them.

lay the sweet potato flat on the bottom with the wide side down

Step 4

Going from the side that's facing up, cut the sweet potato into flat slices. You can of course cut them as thick or as thin as you want to.

Want to try the faster and more advanced way?
Skip step 5 and go to step 6 & 7.

Step 5

Lay these strips down flat and proceed to cut them into fries.

Step 6

To make things faster, you can hold the thin slices together as you cut them from the top as shown in the picture below.

repeat other steps and hold the thin slices together

Step 7

Hold everything together (mind your fingers and take all proper safety precauations) and slice the sweet potatoes down from the top perpendicular to your other series of slices.

slice the thin strips from the top all at once

Step 8

Cut the rest of your sweet potatoes and enjoy!

final shot of sweet potato fries

Other Options for Cutting Sweet Potatoes

You can cut a ton of sweet potatoes like this very quickly, but there are other options.

The methods shown here are more than enough for most home cooks, but if you can't use a knife or need to do bulk prep consider getting a french fry cutter.

They can really simplify the process.

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