10 Vegan Trifold Wallet Options That Have Awesome Storage

If you're searching for a vegan trifold wallet made of faux leather or other man-made materials, then you've come to the right place. We've managed to round up 10 of the best-looking and most functional options on the market today.

Let's have a look at them...

1. Women's Sherbert Sienna Sparrow Trifold Wallet by Starling & Ivy

Starling & Ivy Sienna Vegan Waxed Canvas Ladies Trifold Wallet

  • Two gold sparrows embellish this lovely vegan trifold wallet for women.
  • Made of durable, water-resistant waxed canvas in a soft sherbert color.
  • Constructed with 12 card slots and five pockets, including a cash and cellphone pocket.
  • Closes with metal snap buttons.
  • Advertised as vegan: Yes.
  • Pros: It's beautifully designed and crafted with care. Waxed canvas is a highly resilient material that repels water droplets, making this wallet practical for use anytime, anywhere in any weather.
  • Cons: It's up there in price.

2. Men's Black RFID Flex Trifold Wallet by Buxton

  • Made of strong nylon fabric with faux leather trim, this wallet for men offers RFID protection against data theft.
  • Constructed with a clear ID window, 3 card slots, two slip pockets and a bill compartment.
  • Flexible with an extra expandable hard holder.
  • Closes with Velcro fastening.
  • Advertised as vegan: No, but it's synthetic.
  • Pros: Because of its elastic material, this wallet should be accommodating without running the risk of permanently stretching out. The design is sensible, making up for its few card slots with an extra card holder.
  • Cons: The Velcro closure could wear out. It's also not the quietest material.

3. Women's RFID Burgundy Whip Stitch Trifold Wallet by Buxton

  • This ladies' vegan trifold wallet in burgundy features whip stitch accents on luxurious pebbled faux leather.
  • Designed with RFID-blocking technology.
  • Constructed with inner and outer zip and slip pockets, seven card slots and an ID window.
  • Fastens with metal snaps.
  • Advertised as vegan: No, but it's made of faux leather.
  • Pros: The whip stitch embellishments add a classic feel to this contemporary wallet. With inner and outer zip pockets, there are plenty of places for coins, travel tickets and anything else you need quick access to.
  • Cons: None to note.

4. Men's Armstrong Brown Trifold Wallet by The Vegan Collection

The Vegan Collection Brown Armstrong Tri-fold Wallet

  • The Armstrong wallet is made of vegan micro leather that's soft and smooth to the touch.
  • Comes with a full-length bill compartment, four card slots and an ID window.
  • Made with a slim design.
  • Advertised as vegan: Yes.
  • Pros: If other faux leather wallets you've had have been short-lived, try The Vegan Collection wallets. Made with high-quality materials, they're made to last.
  • Cons: No coin pockets. 

5. Women's RFID Navy Floral Faux Leather Trifold Wallet by Mundi

Mundi Small Womens RFID Blocking Wallet Compact Trifold Safe Protection Clutch With Change Purse (Royal Floral)

  • A lively floral pattern gives this navy blue faux leather wallet a playful feel.
  • Spacious with 16 card slots, a full-length cash compartment, a zip coin pocket and an ID window.
  • Equipped with RFID-blocking tech.
  • Advertised as vegan: No, but it's faux leather.
  • Pros: This is the wallet for you if your wallets tend to be overflowing with credit cards and coffee punch cards. It's also on the smaller side, saving space in your bag.
  • Cons: It could easily get bulky as you fill it.

6. Men's Black Slim Minimalist Wallet from Butterfly Wallet

Butterfly Wallet - World's Lightest Thinnest Trifold Minimalist Wallet for Men and Women. Vegan. No Animal Products Used. Great for Front Pocket. Ultra-Compact Travel Partner - Black

  • Need a super slim wallet? According to the Amazon vendor, this minimalist wallet for men is up to 75 percent thinner than the average wallet.
  • Made of long-lasting ripstop nylon.
  • Designed with three card slots that can carry 12 cards.
  • Advertised as vegan: Yes.
  • Pros: A slender wallet like this is perfect for slim pants and clothing made of light or thin material. Since it's so durable, it should hold up for the active individual.
  • Cons: Some reviewers caution against stacking up cards in the slip pockets as they may become loose.

7. Women's Multicolor Print Mondo Spender Trifold Wallet by Kavu

  • The Mondo Spender is bold and bright in a watercolor-style geometric pattern. 
  • Made with a pen holder, an outer zip pocket and cash, checkbook and card pockets.
  • Closes with a snap button.
  • Advertised as vegan: No, but it's 100% polyester.
  • Pros: It's generously sized with plenty of room for all the necessities. With an outer zip pocket, you can reach your change quickly and easily.
  • Cons: It's not a small wallet, so you might need to carry a bigger purse to use it.

8. Men's Beige Canvas camden Trifold Wallet by The Vegan Collection

The Vegan Collection Camden Men's Canvas Tri-fold

  • Trimmed in dark brown faux leather, this beige canvas wallet from The Vegan Collection is casual yet refined.
  • Comes with a clear ID window, four card pockets, two extra slip pockets and a bill compartment.
  • Lined in vegan micro leather inside.
  • Advertised as vegan: Yes.
  • Pros: The extra slip pockets ensure that you can travel light or pack a few extras when necessary. It's nice and slim, perfect for any attire.
  • Cons: Some reviewers would like to see more card slots.

9. Women's Gold Print Lotus Garden Trifold Wallet by Papaya Art

Papaya Art Wallet Lotus Garden Tri-Fold, 1 EA

  • Gorgeous and grand, this ladies' wallet features an intricate lotus flower design in shimmery gold.
  • Constructed with an ID window, nine card slots and a zip pouch.
  • Closes easily with snap button fastening.
  • Advertised as vegan: Yes, in the product description.
  • Pros: Combining fashion and functionality, it's extremely well-organized inside with numerous places for checkbooks, cash, cards and coins.
  • Cons: It's a little pricey.

10. Men's RFID Black Nylon Trifold Wallet Made in USA from Mule

Nylon Switchback (Brown)

  • Simple but sturdy, this black nylon trifold wallet for men is water-resistant and practical with a zip coin pouch, an ID window and a 12-card carrying capacity.
  • Closes with Velcro fastening.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Comes with RFID protection.
  • Advertised as vegan: No, but it's made with synthetic materials.
  • Pros: Slim and sleek-looking, this wallet is versatile and international travel-friendly with a multi-currency system.
  • Cons: It's edging toward the expensive range.

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