15 Fabulous Vegan Chelsea Boots to Wear

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Looking for a pair of good-looking vegan Chelsea boots that are cruelty-free without any real leather? You’re in the right place!

Fabulous Vegan Chelsea Boots to Wear

We’ve rounded up some of the best ones we could find and put them on this list.

Ready to check them out? Let’s begin!

*As with all of our apparel articles, be sure to look for “advertised as a vegan.” While we always do our best to find products with all vegan materials – you never fully know (with glues, dyes, etc.) unless it’s advertised as such. Something to be mindful of if you want to be extra careful.

Don’t have time to read? Here’s a quick summary of the products we recommend.

Product Name Grade
RF Room of Fashion Burgundy Chelsea Boots A
Madden Girl Cognac Paris Draft Chelsea Boot A
Dr. Scholl’s Brown Suede Jorie Chelsea Boot A
Sam Edelman Sangria/Black Tinsley Chelsea Rain Boot A
Cherry Red Cambridge Brush Dr. Martens Chelsea Boot A

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RF Room of Fashion Burgundy Chelsea Boots

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If you’re tired of leather Chelsea boots, which is very plausible since most vegan ones are leather, this faux suede boot has come to your rescue. First off, this boot comes in many colors, including leopard print, and they’re affordable, so you can buy them all if you can’t choose. It has the standard one-inch heel, so there are no surprises on the height with this one. Although the bottom doesn’t have much traction, it has a sturdy rubber outsole, so these probably wouldn’t work well in the snow. They also have a cushioned insole for extra comfort so that you can wear them all day long. There are also literally no bad reviews on this boot, so what could harm getting them all?

  • Pros: comfortable, stylish, lots of color options
  • Cons: Not much traction, can fit a little narrow
  • Advertised as vegan: Yes
  • Price: $

Madden Girl Cognac Paris Draft Chelsea Boot

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Steve Madden always looks out for us when we need them the most. These essential Chelsea boots will be another welcome addition to your Steve Madden shoe family. The others may even get jealous of the attention you give this one. It’s incredibly comfortable, as most Madden Girl shoes are, and in terms of style, she takes the cake. They have all the style of the traditional Chelsea boot, with a dressed-up loop at the heel for easy pull-on. The elastic goes nearly all the way to the bottom, so these slide on like butter and cinch exactly where you need them for comfort and security. It has the classic one-inch heel for a bit of lift and a nice polished look that you would see in some of the most expensive boots, helping you look fancy on a budget.

  • Pros: Comfortable, stylish, easy slide on
  • Cons: Noisy heel, can run small
  • Advertised as vegan: No
  • Price: $

Dr. Scholl’s Brown Suede Jorie Chelsea Boot

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Dr. Scholl’s is known for their comfort, and these boots are no exception. Once you slide your feet into these stylish boots, you may never want to take them off. They are made for all-day wear, and every review will tell you the same. Besides the out-of-this-world comfort, this boot is cute. It’s made from synthetic and textile materials, so these boots seem safe even though it isn’t known for being a vegan brand. They come in three colors, and they’re all a microsuede type of fabric, so be careful with these in the water. They have a nice and stretchy elastic, as well as a heel loop for easy pull-on.

And in case you were wondering, microsuede is vegan!

  • Pros: Cute, very comfortable, color options
  • Cons: Not the best traction, wear easily
  • Advertised as vegan: No
  • Price: $

Sam Edelman Sangria/Black Tinsley Chelsea Rain Boot

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Want to take your Chelsea boots through winter but are afraid to get your favorite pair wet? Well, you’ll find yourself a new favorite in these Sam Edelman Chelsea rain boots. Not only are they waterproof and available in a vast array of colors, but they’re also reminiscent of a classic Chelsea boot. It has a nice stretchy elastic on the sides for easy pull-on. The shoe itself is made from rubber as well as the outsole. This boot offers excellent traction even in the wettest conditions, judging from reviews. They have a textile ling and a padded footbed for extra comfort. These boots will keep you chic in the rain or snow with the classic Chelsea look.

  • Pros: Color options, comfortable, easy pull on
  • Cons: Wears easily, can run narrow
  • Advertised as vegan: No
  • Price: $

Cherry Red Cambridge Brush Dr. Martens Chelsea Boot

Cherry Red Cambridge Brush Dr Martens Chelsea Boot


If you want your Chelsea boot to have a little color instead of the ordinary black, this is a great option. It has a deep red, almost burgundy hue with a synthetic upper portion and a subtle two-tone finish; the toe is slightly lighter than the rest of the boot. It’s a pull-on style with very stretchy elastic on the side and a heel loop on the back, so there’s no struggle. The lining in these boots is very soft and a little warm, so you can still rock these in the winter. The footbed is lightly cushioned, so they’re super comfortable, and the outsole is oil and fat resistant for those unexpected slippery spots.

  • Pros: Comfortable, very easy to pull on
  • Cons: Can run small, very shiny material that dulls quickly
  • Advertised as vegan: Yes
  • Price: $$

Will’s Vegan Shoes Water Resistant Chestnut Chelsea Boots

These Chelsea boots are traditional style, and there’s nothing wrong with that because they’re still super cute. They have a nice nutty brown color that will remind you of lightly toasted chestnuts. They will go with practically any outfit you could dream of because this is the most versatile color you can get next to black. Very comfortable and easy to pull on, the opening to the boot is wide enough for you to slip this on like a rain boot. The cushioned insoles to these boots are hand-stitched and amazingly high quality. These are also water-resistant, so if you get caught in a little snowfall while you’re wearing these, it’s no problem.

  • Pros: Comfortable, easy to pull on
  • Cons: Can run big, Wide opening may not be suitable for rain
  • Advertised as vegan: Yes
  • Price: $$

Beyond Skin Water Resistant Black Vegan Chelsea Boots

This is another Chelsea boot that goes against the norm. It still has that Chelsea look, but it has a side zipper instead of being your traditional pull-on boot, which makes it even easier to put on. It is also a little snug around the ankles, which is different from most Chelsea boots with a looser opening. It still has the elastic on the back for comfort, and the lining is nice and soft, so they feel good all day long. They’re also water-resistant, so they can take you from dry to wet conditions without faltering.

  • Pros: Comfortable, different style, water-resistant
  • Cons: Can be tight around the ankle, can run small
  • Advertised as vegan: Yes
  • Price: $$

Black Faux Leather Vegarama Chelsea by Vegetarian Shoes

If you want a Chelsea boot with the perfect chunky heel plus a little platform for that extra lift, these will probably be perfect. These boots are femininity meeting daredevil. They have a matte faux leather look, and they’re breathable despite how they may look. Though the heel is a little higher on this one, about 2-inches, not the standard one inch, it doesn’t affect how comfortable this shoe is. They’re very stylish and could easily take you from day to night without skipping a beat. They are a little tight at first, but they tend to stretch out with use once you start breaking them in.

  • Pros: Stylish, comfortable, breathable
  • Cons: Higher heel, take a while to break-in
  • Advertised as vegan: Yes
  • Price: $$

MarBel Tan Leather Chelsea Boot

If the heel doesn’t bother you, and you’re looking for an even higher one, this play on the classic Chelsea boot will give you the inches you’re looking for. This boot has a 3.25-inch heel height, which is much bigger than the lowly one-inch usual on the Chelsea boot. But, that heel is what makes this boot a feminine staple. It has the same comfortable slip-on style to be perfect on the go boot while still maintaining the cute style that heeled boots have to offer. They’re very lightweight, and with the high heel comes even better traction on the outsole just in case things get slippery. They also have a cushioned footbed so that you won’t have a problem taking these from the office to the after-party.

  • Pros: Stylish, comfortable
  • Cons: Higher heel, can be hard to get on
  • Advertised as vegan: Yes
  • Price: $

Summerwhisper Black Platform Chelsea Boots

If you want to go for the high heel gold with your boots, look no further. This Chelsea boot boasts a staggering 4.5 in heel height, which is a far cry from the traditional one-inch flat boot. Imagine a high-heeled combat boot, and you’ll somewhat of a good picture of what the outsole of this shoe looks like. There is very rugged construction on the bottom of this boot for a good grip when you need it. The upper portion looks like your customary Chelsea boot. It has elastic sides, but those are more for added comfort and style than convention because this boot has a zipper. The boot is made from synthetic leather that’s matte and easy to clean. This boot comes in 3 colors.

  • Pros: comfortable, stylish, different design
  • Cons: very high heel, can run big
  • Advertised as vegan: Yes
  • Price: $

Black Faux Leather Mick Chelsea Boot by Bourgeois Boheme

Ok, this one is for the men. It has a simple yet chic look that you would expect in a Chelsea boot, without all the feminine flair like the larger heel and slimmer design. These boots can easily take you from the boardroom to the city nightlife. They have the look of a dress shoe when they’re worn with slacks, but it can effortlessly be made casual with a pair of cuffed jeans and a t-shirt. They’re breathable and very comfortable, so you’ll want to wear them all day long. These boots are so versatile they’ll undoubtedly become a staple in your everyday wear.

  • Pros: Versatile, comfortable
  • Cons: Runs narrow, can be hard to slip on
  • Advertised as vegan: Yes
  • Price: $$

Vegetarian Shoes Cherry Red Airseal Chelsea Boot

This is the boot that everyone needs, men and women. It has a vibrant but subtle cherry red color that will be sure to spice up any outfit you match it with. They’re unbelievably comfortable, and the outsole of the shoe doesn’t have much heel; it’s flat, making them even easier to walk around all day in. It’s a pull-on boot, and the elastic goes down a good bit to the bottom, which allows them to be effortless to throw on. The stitching compliments the style of the boot and provides extra security to hold the construction together. Want a matching boot for you and your beau; this season is a great place to start.

  • Pros: Unisex, comfortable, nice color
  • Cons: Run big, can be a little heavy
  • Advertised as vegan: yes
  • Price: $$

Beyond Skin Faux Leather Jazz Black Chelsea Boots

Beyond Skin advertises these as an easy-to-wear festival boot. Though the festival season may not be around, you’ll still want to pull these out for everyday use because of their versatility and comfort. Dress them up with a pantsuit or slack, and then make them casual with a fun skater dress or flowy bohemian skirt. Either way, these shoes are amazing. They look good and feel good. They’re made from faux leather, so they’re easy to maintain and clean. Not to mention they’re breathable and stretch a little once you break them in for added comfort. They’re handmade and water-resistant, so that’s not too shabby for an everyday boot.

  • Pros: Comfortable, Handmade, Easy to maintain
  • Cons: It can be tight at first, only one color
  • Advertised as vegan: Yes
  • Price: $$

JBU Spruce Tan Chelsea Duck Boots

If you’re serious about wearing your Chelsea boots in the winter and not ruining them, then these will probably be your best option. They’re a unisex mix between the waterproof duck boot and the chic Chelsea boot. The harmony of these two shoes sounds a little weird at first, but JBU didn’t miss a beat with these. They still have all the good looks while being functional. They’re treated with Microban® to keep odors away. It is still a comfortable pull-on style, and they have a vegan leather upper with a rubber foot. They have a small block heel, but it’s half an inch so that guys can wear these too. Durable and waterproof Chelsea boots, what more could you ask for?

  • Pros: Waterproof, comfortable, antimicrobial
  • Cons: Take a while to break in, can run small
  • Advertised as vegan: Yes
  • Price: $

Black Faux Leather Alanis Chelsea Boot by Bourgeois Boheme

So, you want to be a rebel. You want to have a Chelsea boot, but you don’t want to look like every other girl on the block wearing the traditional style. Bourgeois Boheme understands you, and they’ve got the boot to prove it. These Chelsea boots are not the average pull-on small block heel in the back type of boot. They’re flat and are a little reminiscent of a combat boot but with a Chelsea flair. It’s still a pull-on style, and it’s made from matte leather that has a bit of a sheen. They come up just past your ankle and give you a cross between a Chelsea and a Creeper boot. The sole has a bit of a platform in it, so you still get that lift, and it has a subtle grainy finish to top off the matter leather.

  • Pros: Different style, easy to clean, comfortable
  • Cons: Can run small, Platform can be uncomfortable
  • Advertised as vegan: Yes
  • Price: $$$

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