The Pros and Cons of Kale [Can You Eat Too Much?]

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Kale Cons

  • May cause thyroid problems if too much is ingested in itsrawform.


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Can You Eat too Much Kale?

While many people on the internet falsely use clickbait and scare tactics to say that there are health downsides to kale, it does not mean that it is completely false.Just like anything in life, you can indeed get too much of a good thing.But how much is too much?

Much like all cruciferous vegetables, there are compounds (called goitrogens) that can actually interfere with thyroid function if you consume them raw.They do this by blocking the thyroid’s ability to uptake iodine.However, you can mitigate this somewhat by increasing your intake of iodine rich foods such as sea vegetables.While there’s no exact amount that can be cited to cause damage, you’re most likely better off cooking your kale anyway.

Cooking the kale (as we’ll get into below) deactivates the culprit enzymes and will make it more delicious as well!That is unless you’re making a kale salad multiple times a day.If this is the case (even though we don’t recommend it), be sure to keep an eye on your iodine intake and either supplement or regularly intake iodine rich foods such as seaweed.(9)

How to Prepare Kale to Eat

Okay, so you want to eat more kale, but how?Here are some of my favorite ways…

  • Lightly steam chopped kale and toss it with lemon, pepper and nutritional yeast.Combine with rice and beans for a hearty yet refreshing treat.
  • Blanch some kale and keep it handy in your freezer in a bag.Then, throw it with some frozen bananas, raspberries, cherries cocoa powder and ground flaxseeds into anacai bowl blender. The final result is a chocolate flavored green smoothie that’s to die for!
  • Throw it on a baking sheet sprinkled with garlic powder, onion powder, nutritional yeast, salt and pepper.The end result is cheesy kale chips to die for!

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