Where to Buy Vegan Boots (Covering Over 25 Different Styles)

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Are you wondering where to buy vegan boots? Fortunately, the internet makes vegan boot shopping a lot simpler because you can read up on exactly what goes into them. We've compiled over 25+ different styles and where to buy them.


We've combed through the internet for the most in-style vegan footwear from fancy boots, to Ugg-style boots, to chukkas, and we're excited to share everything we found with you. So without further ado, here are the veganfied boot styles to be on the lookout for —

And where you can buy them.

Where to Buy Vegan Boots

Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots (sometimes referred to as western boots) are usually made of leather, which is not vegan, but we've found plenty of synthetic leather cowboy boots on sites like Amazon and Zappos.

Originally worn by cowboys, the cowboy boot is a riding boot that typically has an elevated heel and harness straps or wing-like stitching designs. Cowboy boots broadly fall into two camps of squarish toes and pointed toes and can either be short or go all the way up to knee height. You can certainly wear them for work like the original cowboys, but they make a great look combined with a vegan moto jacket.

Find more vegan cowboy boots here.

Cowgirl Boots

Cowgirl boots may look just like cowboy boots made for women's feet, but they often come in high-heeled varieties with chunky or stiletto heels. Many include embellishments like rhinestones and glittery details.

Recently, cowgirl and western boots have gotten big in the fashion world with anything from frayed hem jeans to cocktail dresses. You can find them as casual or as dressy as you like at retailers like Asos, Zappos, Exress and Target.

Find more vegan cowgirl boots here.

Black Boots


Everyone needs at least one good pair of black boots to go with everything. They might be dressy for the more formal occasions that require tuxes and fancy gowns, or they might be everyday kicks you can wear with khakis and a t-shirt.

Because black boots come in any style, vegan black boots are some of the easiest to find.

Brands like Toms and Dr. Martens offer certified vegan black boots, which you can buy through Amazon and Zappos, but check places like Target, Walmart, Payless and Express for black boots that are made from animal-free materials but aren't advertised as such.

Find more vegan black boots here.

Fringe Boots

Source: Zappos

Ladies' fringe boots are hot right now. Fringe has come a long way since the 70s, and today fringed boots come dressed up, down and all around in short, tall, spring, fall and winter varieties.

It's true that fringe boots are more often than not made of leather or suede, but faux materials just keep getting better and better. You can match your vegan fringe boots with a leopard print coat (also trending right now) or a chic black dress to let your feet do the talking.

ShoeMall and Zappos are great resources for critter-friendly fringe boots like Roper cowgirl boots, backless Very Volatile ankle booties and fringed Tundra snow boots. 

Find more vegan fringe boots here.

Waterproof Boots


Essential for drizzly or snowy days, waterproof boots aren't always so easy to locate because many are made of leather — a totally non-vegan animal product. But with some careful searching, we found quite an assortment of waterproof gear from hand-crafted dress boots to rubber puddle stompers on Amazon and Zappos.

Duck Boots

Source: Zappos

Duck boots are arguably the most iconic waterproof boots next to tall rubber rain boots. L.L. Bean enjoys celebrity status as the company that launched a thousand copies, and we're glad about that because Bean duck boots are generally made with leather — so

not vegan.

With a rubber foot, a round toe and a (typically) contrasting leather upper, the duck boot is oh-so recognizable and trendy. Thanks to its success, we had no trouble tracking down faux leather or faux suede duck boots from Target, Amazon and Zappos, but there are plenty more out there. 

Find more vegan duck boots here.

Motorcycle Boots

Source: Zappos

Motorcycle boots are casual riding boots that look similar to cowboy boots with harness straps or buckles, but they tend to be plainer without the ornate stitching.

If you've browsed for motorcycle boots, you've probably come across shin or knee-high boots made of thick (real) leather to protect the legs from wind and a motorbike's scorching hot exhaust pipe.

Fortunately, there are tons of vegan leather motorcycle boots for women and men at Amazon, Zappos, Walmart and Asos. Some are faux fur-lined, some are studded and harnessed. Some zip up while others lace up. Whether you want some for style or function, we've got you covered with a sampling of vegan motorcycle boots from around the internet.

Find more vegan motorcycle boots here.

Sorel Boots

The Canadian brand Sorel creates high-quality work and play boots for rain, snow and recreational activities of all sorts. 

Note that most Sorel boots are not vegan because the company uses a lot of leather and wool, but fear not. We dug up men's and women's Sorel boots that are vegan-friendly even if they aren't trying to be using materials like vulcanized rubber, canvas and synthetic fabrics.

They're a little pricey, but if you want some heavy-duty blizzard boots or cute rain boots with wedge heels that'll last for years to come, look into a pair of Sorel boots with our list of vegan Sorel boots as your compass.

Find more vegan Sorel boots here.

Knee High Boots

Source: Zappos

As the name implies, knee-high boots come up to about knee height, whether that's just before or level with your knees.

They're often made of leather to give them a stiffness that'll hold their shape, but Amazon and Zappos come to the rescue again with faux varieties that fit like a glove.

Knee-high boots are for women and men, but the types for men usually go by names like motorcycle or cowboy boots. Though the style never really went away, it's certainly made a splash in magazines and street style over the past couple of years.

Knee-highs are go-to fall boots for jeans-tucking and miniskirts.

Find more vegan knee-high boots here. 

Over the Knee Boots


A little taller than knee-highs, over-the-knee boots fall somewhere between just over the knee and the mid-thigh point, making them perfect for leggings (especially on a chilly day when you want a little extra leg protection).

Like knee-high boots, over-the-knee boots tend to be geared toward women's fashion, and the taller they are, the more likely they are to be made of some supple material with ample give like suede. But they're often made of synthetic suede since there's so much material needed.

You should always check first, but there's a good chance you can find vegan over-the-knee boots not just on Amazon and Zappos but also at major department stores like Macy's and Target. 

Find more vegan over-the-knee boots here.

Thigh High Boots

Source: ShoeMall

This is the fashion statement of fall 2018. Ladies' vegan thigh-high boots are everywhere from the runways to the city streets and sold through online retailers like ShoeMall, Jet and Amazon.

Faux suede is the material you'll most likely see companies use to make vegan thigh-high boots, making them soft and luxurious-feeling. The higher they go, the more slouchy they'll probably be unless they're made of pretty clingy fabric.

Flip open the latest issue of Vogue and you'll see that there's never been a better time to rock thigh-highs with a short dress.

Find more vegan thigh-high boots here.

Chukka Boots

Chukka boots are casual to dress-casual ankle boots that are traditionally un-vegan since part of their trademark design is a leather or suede construction, but Zappos, Amazon and other online shoe markets sell men's and women's chukkas made of faux materials for snappy dressers.

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Popularized in the mid-20th century, chukkas retain a vintage vibe like oxfords, which are kind of like cousins of chukkas. A chukka generally features a low heel, a slender foot and (often minimal) lacing in the front. Its appearance can vary depending on the brand, but chukkas are widely recognized as classy footwear for everyday use with jeans, fabric pants and skirts of all lengths and styles.

Find more vegan chukka boots here.

Desert Boots

The desert boot is a type of chukka (see chukka boots above) that was worn by British soldiers in World War II.

It has a crepe sole of wrinkled, hardy rubber, a sloping silhouette from neck to toe and a suede or leather upper.

But don't let that stop you from getting your hands on a some classic vegan desert boots made of faux suede or faux leather from Asos and Amazon. Men and women can enjoy them in various colors and textures matched with plaid coats and rolled-cuff jeans for sophisticated fall and spring fashion seasons.

Suede Boots


You may be surprised to learn that suede boots are easy to find in vegan form — you just have to know where to look. We scoped out tons from Express, Asos, Target and Amazon for you to peruse on our list of vegan suede boots. 

Men's Chelsea boots, women's thigh-highs and unisex dress boots are just some of the vegan suede boot types you can purchase online. You can even get your own pair of blue suede shoes like Elvis (the vegan kind, of course).

Find more vegan suede boots here.

Lace Up Boots

There are so many vegan lace-up boots out there that you can buy them in practically any style imaginable. 

Think combat boots, hiking boots, work boots, winter boots, high-heeled boots...whatever function or aesthetic you need, there's an affordable vegan lace-up boot with your name on it.

For a glimpse of what's offered at Express, Target, ShoeMall and Amazon, swing over to our vegan lace-up boots guide. It's got ladies' chunky platform lace-ups, men's Converse-like high-tops and fancy wingtip boots for all your office and leisure needs.

Find more vegan lace-up boots here.

Fur Boots

Source: ASOS

Yup, fur boots can be vegan! In fact, many couture brands like Gucci and Ralph Lauren have gone fur-free, choosing synthetic versions that are super soft and plush. 

Vegan fur boots are warm and snuggly choices for winter weather or kicking back at home, and we were delighted to find so many options through Target, Asos and Amazon. With more and more companies banning fur, it's easier than ever to find vegan fur boots for men and women in all kinds of styles.

We love a good faux fur-lined snow boot or a shaggy knee-high boot like the ones you can find on our vegan fur boots guide.

Timberland Style Boots

Sadly, Timberland boots are not vegan, but the Timberland look is such a hit that there's no shortage of similar boots that are vegan like the Lugz and U.S. Polo Assn. boots we discovered from Tilly's, Payless and Amazon.

The quintessential Timberland boot is a 6" work boot with a buttery yellow leather body, a black padded collar and a lugged sole in low and high-heeled options for men and women. We think the boots on our vegan Timberland-style boots list are even better because, number one, they're cruelty-free, and number two, they come in so many cool color and style varieties that you won't even remember Timberlands.

Get ready to rock your finest streetwear.

Find more vegan Timberland-style boots here.

Ugg Style Boots

Have you ever wished Ugg boots were vegan? You don't need to because, like Timberlands, Ugg boots are so popular that they've inspired a host of lookalikes in vegan-friendly materials.

While Uggs are sheepskin, the boots on our vegan Ugg-style boots list are made from velvety faux suede and come in Designer, colorful and casual styles for all budgets. Use them as house shoes you can slip on to check the mail or match them with cozy winter dresses.

Find more Vegan Ugg-Style boots here.

Platform Boots

Platform boots have soles that are at least an inch thick and may or may not have extra height at the heel like the boots we found at Asos, Zappos and Amazon.

Like knee-high boots, men's platform boots are often categorized as different types, including combat boots, work boots or Cristy sole boots (usually work boots with thick, specially treaded soles).

A search for vegan platform boots will render lots of women's and unisex boots of varying heights, materials and styles for every season: combat boots, chunky-heeled, faux alligator boots, peep-toe ankle wedges, faux suede stilettos and more.

Break out your high fashion attire because platforms are made for the runway.

Find more vegan platform boots here.

Wedge Boots

Wedges have unified soles from front to heel and heels that rise up over the toe.

Women's wedge boots are easily searchable and men's are sold as various styles that aren't necessarily identified by their wedge soles, but we've done the heavy lifting for you and compiled a list of fashion-savvy men's and women's wedge boots from places like ShoeMall, Zappos and Amazon.

Looking for some Lugz wedge work boots or special occasion wedges for nippy weather? We've got all kinds of platforms, lace-ups, denim ankle booties and stretchy microfiber stunners to show you, so buckle up!

Find more vegan wedge boots here.

Goth Boots

Black is the color for goth boots — most of the time. There are also glam goth boots in bright, metallic colors, punk goth boots in red plaid and more in men's, women's and unisex styles, all available on Amazon, Zappos and beyond.

Goth boots often feature details like metal chains, buckles and spiked studs. They come in combat, platform and creeper styles to name a few, and the look has been showing up in fashion zines and hip circles for years. You wouldn't be remiss to pair goth boots with men's boutique selvedge jeans or women's shorts and a crop top.

Find more vegan goth boots here.

Dress Boots

If you've ever found yourself stuck looking for a pair of boots to wear to a business meeting or a wedding you were invited as a guest to, you need to get yourself some vegan dress boots, and we're here to help. 

As we explain in our vegan dress boots guide, some boot styles are dressier than others.

Men's chukka and desert boots can be fairly dressy, but they're not necessarily formal. Women's dress boots may be high or low-heeled. Neutral colors make the most versatile dress boots, but radiant colors, funky patterns and bedazzled fabrics make super fun party shoes.

Check out the fabulous vegan dress boots we found from brands like Kenneth Cole, Steve Madden and Jessica Simpson on Amazon, Zappos and Asos.

Find more vegan dress boots here.

Ankle Boots

Men's and women's ankle boots may sit at or slightly above the ankle. There are no limitations on the styles, functions and gender types of ankle boots — it really comes down to what's comfortable for you.

From fancy to casual boots, we've prepared an ocular feast of trendy and classic ankle styles for men and women from Japanese designer Fugu at Amazon, the U.K.'s Public Desire on Asos, and Australian surf-skate brand Billabong from Zappos.

Find more vegan ankle boots here.

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