Is Louisiana Hot Sauce Vegan? What You Need to Know

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is Louisiana hot sauce vegan

Let’s find out the answer…

Is Louisiana Hot Sauce Vegan?

So is Louisiana-style hot sauce vegan?The answer is yes.It’s a national vegan treasure – it goes great on any mock meats or to dip veggies in…

Beloved on just about every continent, hot sauces come in all sorts of varieties and flavors.Louisiana-style hot sauce, a vinegary type most famously exemplified byTabasco sauce, is the kind most commonly produced in the U.S.Hot sauce makes the world go ’round. 

Louisiana Hot Sauce


Let’s peruse the ingredients…


There’s actually a Louisiana-style hot sauce called Louisiana Brand Hot Sauce (linked above).It’s a traditional Louisiana hot sauce in that it has but three simple ingredients:

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Ingredients: aged peppers, vinegar, salt.

Now you see why Louisiana-style hot sauces are so hot and tangy – they have a short, vegan ingredients list of hot peppers, vinegar and salt.

For a little comparison, Huy Fong Srirachais a chili sauce with other ingredients like garlic and sugar and is therefore not a Louisiana-style hot sauce. 

You’re probably more likely to find Louisiana Brand’s hot sauce online than in most American cuisine restaurants and cafes.Odds are you’ll be served Tabasco or another Louisiana-style hot sauce.

If you see “Louisiana” or “Louisiana-style” on the label of a hot sauce bottle, it’s vegan – and super hot! 

A similar Mexican-style sauce would be Tapatio which is also vegan.

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