10 Vegan Travel Bag Options to Make Your Next Trip a Breeze

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Are you looking for a vegan travel bag? Then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve hand-picked 10 options to take on your next trip with faux leather or other non-animal materials.

Vegan Travel Bag Options to Make Your Next Trip a Breeze

Let’s check out some of these bags…

Don’t have time to read? Here’s a quick summary of the products we recommend.

Product Name Grade
Unisex Argyle Duffel Bag from Lulu Dharma A+
Women’s Chatelet Carry-on Backpack by Delsey A+
Women’s Faux Ostrich Rolling Tote Bag from JMK and Company A+
Women’s Faux Leather Duffel from David Jones International B+

1. Unisex Argyle Duffel Bag from Lulu Dharma

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  • Argyle is a timeless pattern that suits men and women alike. This bag is embellished with brown vegan leather handles and details.
  • Designed with a zippered outer pocket.
  • Zips across the top.
  • Advertised as vegan: Yes, in the product description.
  • Pros: It’s roomy, stylish, and affordable, so it’s got the basics covered. This bag seems ideal for a weekend away.
  • Cons: There’s no shoulder strap—just the top handles.

2. Women’s Chatelet Carry-on Backpack by Delsey

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  • According to Delsey, the brown vegan leather-trimmed Chatelet backpack counts as carry-on luggage, making it super convenient for all types of travel.
  • Made with a hidden pocket, a laptop sleeve, and deep slip pockets on the sides.
  • Comes with an internal organizer and a removable pouch.
  • Advertised as vegan: Yes, in the description.
  • Pros: Is this the ultimate hands-free travel bag? It has so much functionality and versatility that you might find yourself using it for overnights, weekends, vacations, work…
  • Cons: The only con we can possibly imagine is that it doesn’t convert to any other carrying method, but even that’s a stretch—this bag seems pretty flawless.

3. Women’s Faux Ostrich Rolling Tote Bag from JMK and Company

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  • Whether you need this bag for a trip or to cart your laptop and paperwork across town, this women’s faux ostrich bag will do it in style. 
  • Built with wheels, top handles, and a retractable handle.
  • Comes with a removable padded pocket for a laptop.
  • Advertised as vegan: Not, but it’s faux leather.
  • Pros: This bag gets extra credit for the removable laptop sleeve. For chic style, it definitely wins.
  • Cons: Reviewers say it rolls nicely, but it’s unclear whether it rolls in all directions.

4. Women’s Faux Leather Duffel from David Jones International

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  • This faux leather duffel bag is advertised as a gym or travel bag with its thick webbed handles, detachable shoulder strap, and simple faux leather body.
  • Handles are logo-printed.
  • Constructed with a large zippered pocket and two slip pockets inside.
  • Advertised as vegan: No, but it’s a faux leather bag.
  • Pros: If you have a gym membership, you should get lots of use out of this duffel bag in case you don’t do a ton of traveling. According to the vendor, it can be used as carry-on baggage, but always check with your airline first.
  • Cons: If you do use it as both a gym and travel bag, you might need to be mindful of cleaning it fairly often.

5. Coast Unisex Rolling Luggage by Matt & Nat

  • Premier vegan bag maker Matt & Nat constructs this travel bag from black vegan leather that looks quite real with its pebbled and slightly crackled texture.
  • Wheeled for easy transport.
  • Designed with an extra zip pouch and webbed straps to hold your garments securely in place.
  • Advertised as vegan: No, but Matt & Nat is a vegan brand.
  • Pros: From the storage bag to the buckled straps, the little extras make this bag a real pleasure to travel with. It’s nice to know that your items won’t get tossed around if the bag does.
  • Cons: Unfortunately, the price.

6. Men’s Print Faux Leather Carryall by Asos Design

  • Now, this bag is a little bit different from your average faux leather carryall with a vintage-type diamond pattern in earthy shades of brown.
  • Comes with an ID tag for long-distance travel.
  • Fully lined inside and made with an extra slip pocket on the outside.
  • Advertised as vegan: No, but it’s faux leather.
  • Pros: Gentlemen, match your luggage to your dapper style with this classy carryall. It’s plenty big and should fit everything from your clothes to your laptop.
  • Cons: It has metal rings for a shoulder strap, but we can’t tell if it actually comes with one.

7. Women’s Trnk Faux Croc Carry-on Luggage by Calpak

  • Durable, heavy-duty, and also stylish, Calpak’s Trnk faux crocodile travel trunk is super easy to use with wheels, side grab handles, and a telescoping handle on top.
  • Embellished with black faux croc details.
  • Lined inside with multiple compartments and buckled straps.
  • Advertised as vegan: No. But it’s all synthetic.
  • Pros: The bag has it all: the looks, the functionality, and the convenience of carry-on adaptability. Did we mention it comes with a combination lock for extra security?
  • Cons: Only that it isn’t the cheapest suitcase, but honestly, it’s not the most expensive, either.

8. Men’s Double Zip Travel Kit by Buxton

  • Neat and compact, this men’s travel bag is built with a few different zippered compartments and can be opened up and hung by its built-in hook to help keep your clothes clean and wrinkle-free.
  • Made with a water-resistant lining.
  • One side pocket comes with elastic loops to hold items safely and securely.
  • Advertised as vegan: No. However, it’s a nylon bag.
  • Pros: It’s great that this bag can hang in case you bring nice duds. And the water-resistant lining is a plus in case you throw damp clothes into one of the compartments.
  • Cons: It’s a little on the small side, but it would do for a short trip.

9. Men’s Faux Croc Carryall by Asos Design

  • Asos Design is a fabulous source for faux leather bags like this men’s faux croc carryall in matte black.
  • Comes with an attachable, adjustable shoulder strap.
  • Lined with an interior pocket.
  • Advertised as vegan: No. However, the materials are man-made.
  • Pros: Fashion loves animal prints, and the faux croc leather adds a subtle but polished look. Take it with you on short or extended travel adventures.
  • Cons: Nothing obvious that we could find.

10. Women’s Faux Leather Stingray Carry-on by Adrienne Vittadini

  • You don’t have to invest big bucks into a nice faux leather suitcase. Adrienne Vittadini’s Stringray carry-on bag in gray has a stylish pebbled exterior and attractive dark gray trim.
  • Made with an assortment of slip and zip pockets on the front.
  • Wheels have a 360-degree rotation for the ultimate practicality in travel.
  • Advertised as vegan: No, although the materials are synthetic.
  • Pros: This is an affordable option if you don’t feel like dropping a ton of money on a suitcase. It’s large enough to use for long-distance business trips or vacations, and the gray color will go with all your travel outfits.
  • Cons: It’s a soft-shell suitcase, so make sure your laptop is well-cushioned.

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