Vegan Sunscreen at Target – 6 Options for Cruelty-Free Beach Goers

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From beeswax to collagen, animal products are often added to sunscreens. But Target sells a number of plant-based, cruelty-free sunscreens you can grab on your way to the beach.

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Below are six vegan sunscreens at Target our critter friends would approve of…

1. Pacifica SPF 50 Coconut Bronzing Body Butter

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With the tropical essence of coconut, Pacifica’s Bronzing Body Butter lets you get some sun poolside or at the beach while deflecting UV rays with SPF 50. Since it’s water-resistant, it won’t wash off the minute you step into the water, though you should periodically reapply. It incorporates caffeine to reduce UVB damage, plus hydrating shea butter and coconut oil. Most importantly, Pacifica loves animals. It’s a 100% vegan company, making shopping at Target easier for vegans.

2. Babo Botanicals Fragrance-Free Sheer Zinc Spray Sunscreen

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Babo Botanicals has a few non-vegan products, but this isn’t one of them. It’s certified vegan-friendly, reef-friendly and cruelty-free, aided by zinc oxide, minerals, aloe leaf and flower extracts to protect you from sun’s harmful effects. It’s water-resistant for up to 80 minutes, so don’t sweat it if you get soaked right after you apply it. Two of the best features of this sunscreen are its simple spray function and lack of fragrance for sensitive skin.

3. Bare Republic SPF 50 Neon Green Sunscreen Stick

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This vegan sunscreen is called Goblin Green. How cool is that? It’s sort of like a glue stick, but sunscreen. Rather than beeswax, the roll-on function comes from plant-based candelilla wax. Bare Republic’s SPF 50 Neon Suncreen Stick is sold in funky colors like Atomic Orange, Electric Blue and Wicked Purple. It’s water-resistant, so it’ll stay on for up to 80 minutes while you splash around, and each color has a different, natural scent. Seriously, have you ever seen a sunscreen like this before?

4. Sun Bum SPF 50 Face Sunscreen

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Free of parabens and phthalates, Sun Bum’s Face 50 is a lightweight lotion strong enough for everyday and beach day use. It boasts anti-aging qualities with free radical-fighting vitamin E while it filters out UV rays, and since it’s oil-free, it won’t promote breakouts. It’s also cleared for sensitive skin and gluten-free vegans.

5. Baby Bum SPF 50 Sunscreen

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Baby Bum 50 is pediatrician-approved with no dyes, fragrances or parabens. With SPF 50 power, it’s quite protective, and as it comes in stick form, it’s fun for kids to use. If they get squirmy when you try to apply sunscreen lotion, try this sunscreen stick instead.

6. All Good Unscented SPF 30 Sport Sunscreen Spray

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Zinc, aloe and bentonite are the main ingredients at work in this spray-on sunscreen. It’s meant for physical activity with 80 minutes’ worth of sweat resistance, though the convenient spray mechanism is probably the best thing about it when it comes to using it every hour and a half or so. It’s also coral reef-friendly, which is totally in the spirit of the sustainable lifestyle.

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