Vegan Candy Corn Brands – Do They Exist?

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Is candy corn vegan?

The answer is no. Unfortunately, any candy corn brand we could find had some sort of animal product.

UPDATE 10/9/2021 – We recently discovered that YumEarth is now manufacturing a vegan candy corn brand without egg which you can confirm on their website.  Unfortunately, although YumEarth removed the eggs that this product contains shellac which is made from insects and is not considered vegan.

In the past, whether it was gelatin, egg whites, honey or something else – there wasn’t any vegan brand of candy corn on the market at the time of writing this – whether it’s Brach’s, Jelly Belly or a more generic brand.

So what’s a vegan to do?

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Well, we’ve got some vegan candy corn alternatives.

You could also check out these vegan gummy bear brands

or these vegan marshmallow brands.

vegan candy corn brands

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    • We made the update/correction – we found that the marketing on the bag was kind of misleading and the long list of ingredients hid shellac and honey. It was exciting to see that they removed the egg whites.

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