Can Vegans Eat Pancakes? Is Pancake Mix Vegan?

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In this article, we’ll answer two big questions…


  • Can vegans eat pancakes? 
  • Is pancake mix vegan?
  • Let’s get right to it!

    Can Vegans Eat Pancakes?

    The short answer is an absolute yes! Pancakes do not have to be made with dairy, milk, meat, eggs or any products that vegans avoid.

    However, if you read the directions on many pancake mixes you’ll see that the directions call for milk and eggs on occasion.

    All you need to do is replace the eggs with an egg replacer product or flax egg and the milk with a non-dairy alternative like soy milk.

    The pancakes will come out just as delicious!

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    If you’re in a restaurant, it’s always best to ask if there is milk or eggs in the pancakes since every establishment might do things a little bit differently.

    Is Pancake Mix Vegan?

    Pancake mixes themselves are usually vegan — there are exceptions with buttermilk mixes and other flavors that have dairy and eggs built in.

    It’s best to check the ingredient statement and keep a lookout for MILK and EGGS. These are the most common ingredients that might be powdered and built directly into the mixes.

    Want to see a list of ones you can buy?

    We made a list of some of the best vegan pancake mix brands here.

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