15 Best Vegan Winter Boots That Are Warm & Stylish

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Looking for a good set of vegan winter boots to buy? You’re in the right place! In this guide, we’ve got 15 pairs that function and look good for the upcoming season. After all, it’s important to stay warm, look good and dress cruelty-free.

vegan winter boots to buy

Now let’s check out some of these boots…

What to Know About Vegan Winter Boots

Just because you’re vegan, does not mean you have to sacrifice. Winter boots have to be functional—yes—but they can also be stylish. Of course, you want a good grip for walking through slippery conditions. Obviously, you want them to be warm because it’s winter, but you also want them to be fashionable, and that’s ok. The market is a lot bigger than you realize. The high quality or high fashion boots may be made of real leathers, suedes, and things of the like—but most of the market is filled with faux materials. This is a great thing for us.

Undeniably, there are other things to take into account when shopping for a good pair of winter boots. The materials are one thing, but there are adhesives, linings, and soles. Other parts of the boots that are important when you’re considering what to buy. For the sake of this series, we’re making sure all the materials used are free of animal origins. The adhesives can be hard, manufacturers aren’t always able to guarantee that they don’t have animal additives. So, for this, we won’t worry about those. However, there are brands that advertise themselves as completely vegan, adhesives included, and we’ll be sure to let you know which ones those are.

In summary – if you want to make sure you’re getting a 100% vegan winter boot – look for the “Advertised As Vegan” section of each product in this list.

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Vegan Winter Boots Best Options

Black Dr. Martens 1460 Vegan 8-Eye Boot (Unisex)

These classic vegan boots are a fashionable combat style. They’re great for the winter and have a good grip on the bottom. Dr. Martens boots are oil and fat resistant, with good abrasion and slip resistance. They have original Dr. Martens air-cushions DMS sole, so they’re super comfortable. It’s a lace up style boot and has metallic reinforcements at the eyelets. It has a sinuous non-leather, synthetic material which gives it a beautiful two-tone finish, which can be shiny or matte. You’ll probably find yourself wearing these comfy boots all year round. They don’t have any extra insulation, so if you decide to go with these to get you through the winter, they would work best in warmer winter climates. Or you’ll have double up on your socks if you’re walking through the snow.

  • Pros: Stylish, Easy to clean, comfortable
  • Cons: Not very insulated, not the best for snowy conditions
  • Advertised as Vegan: Yes
  • Price Range: $$

Grey Native Shoes Johnny Treklite (Men’s)

These boots are not only super fashionable, but they’re also extremely functional and could most likely get you through the worst of the worst when it comes to winter. These are like hiking boots, so they’re probably little heavier than your average winter boot. But because they’re built for trekking across all kinds of terrain, these can get you through some of the slipperiest conditions. They’re water resistant and really comfortable. They have a foam insole so even if they’re a little heavy on your foot they make walking around for a while a little easier. Treklites also have a really good grip on the bottom. The outsole is cut deep for the best traction. Overall a really great boot to get you through those tough winter months.

  • Pros: Good traction, stylish, comfortable,
  • Cons: Heavier than average, Narrow fit
  • Advertised as Vegan: Yes
  • Price Range: $

Brown DAWGS Faux Shearling Winter Boots (Women’s)

DAWGS Womens 9 Inch Faux Shearling Microfiber Vegan Winter Boots

When you think of fall and winter boots, it’s impossible not to think of Uggs. They are the got to shoe for many people, mostly women, because they’re warm, comfortable, cute, and go with just about any outfit you team them up with. These are like Uggs but better because they’re cruelty-free. They’re just as warm on the inside ass the traditional pair. The soles aren’t as thick the fabric isn’t water resistant but as long as it’s not snowing these will suit your needs just fine. They come in a bunch of colors and are way more affordable than the actual Uggs. These are 9” high so they come up past the ankle but not quite up to the mid-calf. If you’re looking for a cute boot, that’s easy to slip on and super comfortable.

  • Pros: Comfortable, affordable, warm
  • Cons: Not very water resistant, not very good traction
  • Advertised as Vegan: Yes
  • Price Range: $

Black Arcopedico L19 (Women’s)

Ok, so you don’t need all the extra traction, and your boot doesn’t have to be waterproof, you just want something cute and stylish to get you through a light winter. These are exactly what you’re looking for. These boots come in a bunch of colors. They are about ankle height maybe a little bit higher. Some of the colors have a suede finish and some have a matte leather finish. They’re water resistant, so as long as you’re not using these to trek through inches of snow you should be fine. They’re very comfortable. There’s a little heel in the back to give you an extra in or two and provide extra support and style. They’re flexible, pull-on boots, that are machine washable and have a zipper on the side for extra ease. Cute and functional, this boot meets all the marks.

  • Pros: Stylish, lots of colors, comfortable
  • Cons: Not much traction, only water resistant
  • Advertised as Vegan: No
  • Price Range: $$

Waterproof Jambu Spirit Ankle Bootie (Women’s)

Jambu Women's Spirit Bootie Vegan Ankle

This is another really cute but still functional type of boot. This boot comes in a few colors so if you want to stock up for different outfits you can. Or you can get the black ones that will go with everything. They’re made from a neoprene type of fabric, have a nice rubber sole with all terra traction, and a memory foam footbed so they are really comfortable. They work well on all terrains including those with light snow. They’re completely waterproof and though there’s no extra lining you can always wear thicker socks to fight the cold. These are a slip-on bootie type, but there’s no way to tighten the laces so they can get a little loose over time.

  • Pros: Comfortable, good traction, slip on, waterproof
  • Cons: no ankle support, can’t tighten laces, no insulation
  • Advertised as Vegan: Yes
  • Price Range: $

Warm Light Brown Aerosoles Barricade Duck Boot (Women’s)

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These boots are probably the most functional of all the ones on the list. If you’ve never heard of duck boots they’re a happy medium between being warm and staying dry. The upper part of the boot helps keep the warmth in. It has a faux fur lining so that no cold gets out and the heat stays in. It also has faux leather on the upper portion as opposed to a regular fabric to help keep you warm. The bottom part of the part of the boot around the toe is made up of rubber to help keep your toes dry while sloshing through the snow. They are a lace up boot, so you can tie them tight or loose depending on what you’ll be using them for. Whether it be everyday wear or heavy-duty winter trekking, they’ve got you covered.

  • Pros: Durable, Versatile, comfortable
  • Cons: Heavy boot, moderate traction
  • Advertised as Vegan: No
  • Price Range: $$

Warm Black Kamik Canuck Boot (Men’s)

So, you want the heaviest duty boot you can find to help you survive the winter? You may have met your match. This is another duck boot style shoe, but it’s not necessarily a duck boot. It has all the makings, the rubber bottom, the water-resistant top, only thing missing is the brand name. But you don’t need it because this does the job just as well, if not better than the duck. The upper part of the boot is made of waterproof 1000 Denier Nylon which helps not only keep you dry but nice and toasty. There is a removable Zylex liner for extra warmth. The rubber bottom is impact resistant and waterproof as well. Kamik’s SNOWBOB rubber outsole gives you traction when you need it the most. This boot provides warmth, traction, and durability.

  • Pros: Warm, great traction, durable, waterproof
  • Cons: Heavy, runs big
  • Advertised as Vegan: No
  • Price Range: $

Black Eco-Vegan Liberator Boot (Men’s)

They classify this boot as a safety boot, and it is, but it pulls double duty in the winter. It has a lightweight but warm construct. There’s shock absorption in the heel for when you have to take those heavier steps in the snow. They also have non-slip soles, so they’ve got a pretty good drip when you need it. These boots have got replaceable Eco-OrthoLite insoles, which is great because anyone that has worn a pair of winter boots knows how sweaty it can get in those things no matter how cold it is outside. They are water resistant, but they do recommend using a waterproofing spray if you’re going to take these into extremely wet conditions. They’re high quality, very comfortable, and completely vegan.

  • Pros: Lightweight, comfortable, replaceable insoles
  • Cons: Only water resistant, not the best traction
  • Advertised as Vegan: Yes
  • Price Range: $$$

Black TOMS Avery Wedge Boot (Women’s)

It is perfectly ok to want to be stylish in the winter. Be sure you’re being practical, you don’t want to be slipping and sliding all over the place. This will help you do both. This TOMS wedge is super cute for starters. It comes in three colors: black, grey, and tan, all equally beautiful. They have a microfiber upper portion, and the wedge is made from rubber, as well as the outsole. IT has a pretty good grip on the bottom, but if you’re not used to hells in slippery conditions, this probably isn’t for you. It has a side zipper for easy on and off. It has a lightly cushioned heel for extra comfort during those long days, and the lining is perforated so it feels like you’re wearing next to nothing. If you want a chic look this winter while still being environmentally conscious these are great.

  • Pros: Stylish, comfortable, charitable
  • Cons: Not the best grip, not very durable, not water resistant
  • Advertised as Vegan: Yes
  • Price Range: $

Brown & Black Ahimsa Jeffery Boot (Men)

It’s ok for guys to want to be stylish during the winter too. Winter isn’t always below zero temperatures and blinding blizzards, sometimes it’s just a little bite and all you need is a warm sweater and good pair of boots that won’t make your feet sweat enough to fill a pool. These are the boots for days like that. It’s an ankle boot so your feet still have room to breathe. The boot is a synthetic leather so if a little snow falls here or there it can take it. It has a shearling type lining inside of the boot, and we all know shearling is notorious for being warm. They’re extra sturdy and have a Vibram outsole for a great grip so they’re good for day to day use.

  • Pros: Stylish, sturdy,
  • Cons: Not very water resistant, run small, narrow
  • Advertised as Vegan: Yes
  • Price Range: $$

No products found.

No products found.

This pair of boots is for those of us who get cold feet a little too easily. These boots were made for exactly what their name suggests—the Arctic. They have faux fur all over them. A little lining and on the inside to keep you super warm. The boot itself is made from water-resistant faux leather and quilted fabric. These have a full-length zipper on the inside so they’re very quick and easy to put on. They have a little lift in them because the outsole is thick but it’s not a heel so they’re very easy to walk in. They have a memory foam insole so they are amazingly comfortable, you can walk around in them all day long. And they have an all terra traction outsole so when things get a little slippery you won’t lose your footing.

  • Pros: Very cute, extremely warm, comfortable
  • Cons: Only water resistant, run a little small
  • Advertised as Vegan: Yes
  • Price Range: $$

Bogs Classic Ultra High Boot (Men’s)

So, winter isn’t always extreme, but for those of you who live further north you know just how extreme it can get. And as much as we’d like to hole up and stay nice and cozy indoors, we have to put on our big boots and venture out into the cold. That’s where these come in. They’re considered a work boot, so they are kind of heavy duty. On the bright side, if that is what you’re in the market for these will do you so much justice. These boots are 100% waterproof, so these get through the wettest of winters. The upper is made from hand-lasted natural rubber and is laid over a four way stretch inner bootie, so they’re built to last. Bogs are also really warm. They have a 7mm waterproof Neo-Tech™ insulation. These keep you warm and dry in the worst of the worst, and they’re a pull-on boot so you can get these on quick when you’re in a hurry.

  • Pro: Waterproof, insulated, heavy duty
  • Cons: Heavy, run big
  • Advertised as Vegan: No
  • Price Range: $$

Eco-Vegan Sara Boot Brown Faux Fur (Women’s)

These winter boots are for the really brave and really chic women. They have a three-inch heel, which isn’t much, but in snowy conditions, it might as well be eight inches. It does have a TPU outsole which gives the shoe a pretty good grip. If you can get past the high heel the rest of the features of the boot are perfect for winter. It’s lined with shearling, a faux wool. This will help keep your toes nice and toasty. They also have the removable Eco-OrthoLite insoles, so when things get a little too toasty and you start sweating, you can take them out and put some new ones in. The material on the outside of the boot is a faux suede and its water-resistant, so you can feel good about busting these out in the snow. So, once you get past the heel, you’ve got yourself a really cute winter boot, that’s completely vegan.

  • Pros: Stylish, comfortable, replaceable insoles
  • Cons: has a heel, grip could be better
  • Advertised as Vegan: Yes
  • Price: $$$

Vivobarefoot Saami Lite (Men’s)

Vivobarefoot Men's Saami Lite M Synth Walking Shoe

If you live in a city where it snows, and you do a lot of walking to get around, then these are perfect. They’re super lightweight, and they might not look like much, but these get the job done very well. Saami’s have a rubber sole, with a good amount of grip on the bottom so they can hold up in slippery conditions. They’re lightweight and these boots might look thin but they’re really warm. It has a thermal lining and thermal insoles. So even though the fabric is breathable you still get the warmth you need. Not to mention these look pretty good for winter boot.

  • Pros: lightweight, warm, stylish
  • Cons: Grip could be better, not waterproof
  • Advertised as Vegan: Yes
  • Price: $$$

Brown High Eco-Vegan Alicia Boot (Women’s)

Ankle boots are cool and all, but who doesn’t love a good knee-high boot. Most of the ones out there are made from leather, which is no good for us. But this one is completely vegan. They only have a little lift in the back. So, even though they’re cute, and still make a fashion statement, you’re comfortable and practical while doing it. They have Grip+ soles from Solepex Finland, so when things get a little slick you don’t have to worry about sliding all over the place. The upper part Is made from a microfiber that looks like leather, and it also makes them water resistant. It has a side zipper so they’re easy to put on in hurry and a good thing too because these will be your go-to boot in the winter.

  • Pros: Great grip, comfortable, stylish
  • Cons: Only water resistant, can run small
  • Advertised as Vegan: Yes
  • Price Range: $$$

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