11 Vegan Snacks at Target To Keep Hunger at Bay

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Vegan Snacks at Target

You’re at Target and you’re hungry. What are your vegan snack options? We’ll let you know what’s vegan-safe on the shelves to curb your hunger.

Read on to discover some of the best vegan snacks at Target.

1. Hippeas


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If you haven’t tried Hippeas yet, do yourself a favor and pick up some Vegan White Cheddar Hippeas at Target the next time you’re feeling snacky. Made with vegan ingredients like chickpea flour and seasoned to perfection, these crunchy, airy nibbles are a real treat. With four grams of protein in a single serving, Hippeas are no nutritional lightweights, either. Look for them in the non-refrigerated grocery aisles.

2. Sabra Hummus

Sabra HummusSave

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Classic hummus is a tried-and-true vegan snack. In fact, it’s such a vegan staple, it’s a wonder that many grocery stores don’t incorporate hummus into their vegan-friendly sections. Just steer clear of any flavors that sound like spinach and artichoke dip, which may contain nontraditional dairy ingredients. That said, Sabra makes tons of vegan hummus flavors. The Roasted Garlic Hummus blends chickpeas, tahini, spices and a sizable dose of garlic to create one of the most perfect, filling, healthy vegan snacks of all time. Grab a bag of carrot sticks from the produce section (which should be close by) and enjoy.

3. Triscuits


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Did you know that the Original Triscuits are vegan? Made with whole grain wheat, salt and a little oil, they’re hearty, fiber-rich and totally satisfying. You can slather Triscuits with peanut butter to get that salty-sweet balance, or go for some hummus—talk about the ultimate hummus vehicle. 

4. Miyoko’s Vegan Cream Cheese

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Miyoko’s is a fabulous vegan food brand you may have seen in your local health food store. Cashews are the secret to the creamy consistency of the Plainly Classic Vegan Cream Cheese while the culturing process lends a zesty tang. And it’s organic to boot. Spread it on Original Triscuits for a creamy-tangy-crunchy combo.

5. Clif Bars

Clif BarsSave

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For a quick dose of energy, Clif bars will do the trick. Though the company’s allergen statement indicates that traces of milk may be present in Clif bars, PETA recognizes most Clif bar flavors as incidentally vegan. To err on the side of caution, you can stick with Crunchy Peanut Butter, made with vegan ingredients like rolled oats, soy protein and (of course) peanut butter.

6. Larabars


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Where would vegan energy bars be without Larabars? They’re standards in vegan snacks with delectable flavors like Banana Chocolate Chip, Snickerdoodle and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (yes, they’re all vegan). Best of all, the brand uses whole food ingredients like nuts and dates, so you can feel good about reaching for a Larabar at Target. Check the nonperishable aisles for Larabar boxes, but sometimes they’re sold by the registers for quick access as you check out.

7. Simply Balanced Kettle Corn

Simply Balanced Kettle CornSave

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Mmm, kettle corn. It’s the ideal movie food, but it’s also a good pick-me-up when the day’s errands have got you tuckered out. True, popcorn and dairy products like butter and cheese often go hand-in-hand, but that’s not the case with Sweet and Salty Kettle Corn from Target brand Simply Balanced. It’s made with very few ingredients, including popcorn, sugar and sunflower oil, and it’s organic. Though it’s probably not the best meal replacement on the go, it’s a delicious indulgence, and it’ll certainly do in a pinch.

8. Snyder’s of Hanover Pretzels

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Pretzels, the party snack people seldom think of as vegan. Snyder’s of Hanover makes dippable Pretzel Rods you can snag at Target to go with your vegan topping of choice. Or just munch on them when you get those salty cravings. They’re primarily flour and water, so be sure to combine them with something protein-dense if you need sustenance. 

9. Rhythm Kale Chips

Rhythm Kale ChipsSave

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Most everyone has heard of kale chips at this point. Light and crunchy, they’re excellent vegan snacks to replace potato chips, and they pack a nutritional punch in the vitamin department. Try the Zesty Nacho Rhythm Kale Chips when you’re hankering for something fun.

10. Wondershop Roasted Nuts

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The reason trail mix is such a hit with hikers and outdoorsy folks is that nuts are powerhouses of protein and heart-healthy fats to keep you going when your blood sugar gets low. Wondershop’s Deluxe Roasted Mixed Nuts features all the favorites: pecans, cashews, almonds and hazelnuts. Refuel with this naturally vegan snack from the nonperishable aisles.

11. Simply Balanced Fruit & Vegetable Pouches

Simply Balanced Fruit & Vegetable PouchesSave

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Craving something light but big on vitamins and minerals? Simply Balanced Organic Apple Spinach Fruit & Vegetable Pouches are here to help. They’re super low-maintenance in drinkable form—no need to scrounge up any utensils or even napkins. Whether it’s for you or the kids, one of these fruit and veggie pouches is a smart choice in between meals.

12. Simply Balanced Dried Mango

Simply Balanced Dried MangoSave

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Speaking of fruit snacks, Simply Balanced also makes dehydrated mango slices without added sugar for a healthful option the whole family will love. Here’s a snacking secret: they’re great if you’re looking for something sweet but trying to stay away from refined sugars. 

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