14 Different Types of Vegan Milk to Try

Are you looking for different types of vegan milk? You're in the right place! Below we'll list over 14 different kinds that you'll be able to find in-stores and online.

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Types of Vegan Milk

There are more than a dozen "types" of vegan milks, each with its own nutrition, flavor and texture profile.

If you're looking for protein, you might want soy or pea protein milk. If you're allergic to soy and want to ditch the protein, rice milk might be your answer.

We'll explain the vegan milk types below.

Soy Milk

Soy milk is the non-dairy milk that started it all for so many of us. Its mild-to-strong taste can be broadly described as vegetal in nature, though this is generally counteracted in flavored varieties. Soy milks are medium-thick and good sources of protein, potassium and isoflavones. Most, but not all, are fortified with vitamins and minerals.

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Almond Milk

A popular alternative to soy milk, almond milk boasts sizable amounts of Vitamins D and E as well as calcium. With a hint of sweetness, it's smooth and thin and does well in baked goods and cereal.

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Coconut Milk

Not the canned stuff you use in curry — the regular dairy milk alternative. Coconut milk is naturally thick and luxuriously creamy, and many folks who leave "moo milk" behind swear by it. It's a bit higher in fat (around five grams per serving) but makes for a good source of potassium, calcium and phosphorus.

Rice Milk

Rice milk has stood the test of time. Frequently made from brown rice, it's a good choice for those with numerous food allergies. One of the wateriest non-dairy milks, rice milk might not do well in tea and coffee, but it makes a great addition to oatmeal, soups and sauces. It's faintly sweet with a mild but pleasant rice taste.

See rice milk brands here.

Cashew Milk

Cashews are used often in vegan cooking for their creaminess, and the vegan milks made with them are full-bodied. With ample Vitamin E, cashew milks leave no lingering tastes and make rich sauces, soups and smoothies.

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Macadamia Milk

Most nut milks are made from almonds or cashews, but macadamia milk — made from macadamia nuts — is the creamiest. It's high in Vitamin A but low in protein. Because it's so satiny and neutral-tasting, macadamia milk is considered a decadence by many vegans, especially if it's homemade.

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Flax Milk

Made from flaxseed, flax milks are great sources of omega-3 fatty acids. They're also vitamin-fortified so you can get your A, B12 and plant-based D2. A little on the nutty side, they have a good "middle of the road" consistency.

See flax seed milk brands here

Pea Protein Milk

There's no pea flavor in up-and-coming pea protein milks. There can, however, be a sort of floury quality in taste and texture, but it shouldn't be overpowering to the palate. These milks are thick, chock-full of protein and calcium and make good cookie-dunking material.

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Banana Milk

You probably won't see it too often, but banana milk sure is creative! It isn't necessarily soy-free, but it's got a decent amount of potassium. If you love bananas, try it in cereal, smoothies, pancakes and even baked goods recipes.

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Sunflower Milk

With sunflower milk, you'll get the benefits of sunflower seeds: healthy doses of Vitamin E, copper, phosphorus and folate. Its texture is smooth and its taste is neutral to nutty/seedy. Goes great with granola.

Find sunflower milk brands here

Hemp Milk

Possibly the thinnest of the non-dairy milks, hemp milk has calcium and magnesium in abundance and makes for a great allergen-friendly choice. Nutty and a tiny bit sweet, we suggest you use it as you would rice milk: in soups, sauces and breakfast cereals hot and cold.

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Peanut Milk

This is one of the more obscure milks on the market. It's said to only be peanut-y in aftertaste, and it's good for protein, unsaturated fats, magnesium and Vitamin B-6. Fans of peanut milk suggest it for smoothies.

Oat Milk

This is one of the more neutral milks that stands up well as an ingredient or by itself. Like soy milk, it’s on the thicker side without being heavy. If you're gluten-free, a word of caution: oat milk may not be a suitable option. Check the labels for certified gluten-free oat milks.

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Hazelnut Milk

Similar to macadamia nut milk, hazelnut milk is a creamy, delicious treat that goes well with pretty much everything (and nothing). It's got healthy fats and a wonderful reminiscence of Nutella that will make you want to put it in your coffee.

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Vegan Coffee Creamers

They come in several different varieties, but vegan coffee creamers are especially formulated to perform well in coffee and hot liquids.

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