4 Men’s Vegan Pea Coat Options That Look Stylish & Sophisticated

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If you’re looking for a men’s vegan pea coat then you’ve probably noticed that they’re not easy to find. Unfortunately, almost everything out there has wool in it! But luckily, we were able to find 4 great options that are cruelty-free.

Men’s Vegan Pea Coat Options That Look Stylish & Sophisticated

Check out these wool-free pea coats below…

Don’t have time to read? Here’s a quick summary of the products we recommend.

Product Name Grade
Double Breasted Pea Coat from Wantdo B+
Faux Wool Pea Coat from Brave Soul B+
Polyester Pea Coat from Excelled Leather B+

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Excelled Men's Polyester Peacoat, Black, Medium

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4. Twill Pea Coat from H&M

  • H&M’s sophisticated twill pea coat comes in two vegan versions: black and dark blue (the gray is made with wool).
  • Double-breasted with notch lapels and a split-hem vent at the back.
  • Adjustable at the cuffs with button tabs.
  • Advertised as vegan: No, but the black and dark blue twill pea coats are currently vegan. But do note: It’s important to read the descriptions of H&M’s pea coats—even from color to color—as they’re made with a variety of materials and some incorporate wool.
  • Pros: Every dapper gentleman needs a pea coat. This one is classic and work-friendly, wearable anywhere, anytime with pretty much your entire wardrobe.
  • Cons: It’s moderately pricey compared with some other vegan-friendly pea coats. 

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