24 Spices that Go with Fried Potatoes

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Are you planning to fry some potatoes and wondering what you can do to make them taste even better? You’re in the right place.

In this post, we’ll discuss over twenty spices that go with fried potatoes. Any one of them will help transform your potatoes into something fresh and new.

1. Basil

Your fried potatoes will have a crispy and starchy flavor that, by itself, will be mild. We suggest stepping up your game by using a forceful taste like basil, whose minty undertones will lighten up the starchiness.

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2. Black Pepper

Sprinkle some black pepper on your fried potatoes right when they’re finished. We guarantee it will give them a pleasing burst of spiciness without being overbearing.

3. Caraway Seed

If you have some in your pantry, caraway seed could be a clever pick. It has an extremely pungent bitterness with traces of sweetness that turn your potatoes into a sophisticated dish.

4. Celery Seed

Celery seed is another interesting spice to pull out of your pantry for your fried potatoes. It concentrates the spicy, grassy taste of celery, balancing out the slight sweetness in potatoes.

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5. Chili Powder

Grab some chili powder if you’re a fan of hot and spicy food. It will turn your potatoes into a spicy, sweet, and potentially even smoky food that will pair well with grilled recipes.

6. Chives

Sprinkling some chives on your fried potatoes is another option. Not only will this create some pleasant contrast between the color of your potatoes and the chives, but it will add a bright flash of oniony taste to them.

7. Cilantro

Like chives, cilantro will bring some beautiful, bright green color to your potatoes. Its bright and herbal taste is a wonderful contrast for the starchier taste of potatoes, too.

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8. Coriander

If you’re thinking about using your fried potatoes in a curry, we’d recommend coriander to you. The subtle sweetness in potato will be balanced out nicely by coriander’s citrus notes.

9. Cumin

You can add cumin to your fried potatoes to lend them a phenomenal piquant aroma. Of course, its bitterness is also excellent for underscoring the slight sweet taste in your potatoes.

10. Dill

Dill’s taste is light and a bit on the sweet side. You can expect it to enhance the same gentle sweetness in potatoes.

11. Fennel

With a bittersweet flavor, fennel seed is a fantastic spice when you want to make your fried potatoes more complex. You’ll get bitterness to round out the flavor, and then a remaining sweetness that is almost refreshing.

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12. Fenugreek

Fenugreek is both nutty and bitter. We think the nuttiness will work well with the starchy taste of potatoes, deepening it and giving it dimension.

13. Garlic Powder

A sprinkle of garlic powder is a no-brainer when it comes to potatoes. It will smell amazing and it will promote the sweetness in potatoes while creating a slight garlicky punch in them, too.

14. Marjoram

Spicy and sweet are two profiles marjoram brings together in one place. Like garlic powder, it will enhance the sweet while simultaneously bringing a bit of spiciness to linger on your tongue.

15. Mustard Seed

There are various types of mustard seed that taste different based on which color you use. We’d recommend going for brown or black seeds if you want to go big, because they have a powerfully hot flavor that will warm your potatoes right up.

16. Onion Powder

Potatoes and onions are naturally good together, so it makes sense that you could use onion powder with them, too. You’ll end up with some of onion’s delectable sweetness to accentuate the same in your potatoes, as well as a brilliant burst of heat.

17. Oregano

Dried or fresh oregano could be a great topping for your fried potatoes. If you use dried oregano as a spice, it will leave a subdued woody and sweet flavor that accentuates similar flavors in the potatoes.

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18. Paprika

If you like spiciness, paprika could be the top contender on your list of spices for your potatoes. Depending on which kind you choose, you’ll get a smoky, spicy burn or a more sweet and spicy combination. Either one would work well with fried potatoes.

19. Red Pepper Flakes

The taste of red pepper flakes can be described as a pure, light burn. Sprinkle a bit onto your fried potatoes if you want them to have a zingy kick.

20. Rosemary

With rosemary, expect to get bright, invigorating piney hints. They’ll brighten up your potatoes immensely.

21. Sage

Surprisingly, dried sage as a spice is actually stronger than fresh sage in flavor. It has a powerful spiciness and bitterness that will provide a contradiction to sweeter hints in potatoes.

22. Salt

As you might sprinkle some salt on freshly made French fries, you can just as easily sprinkle some onto your fried potatoes. You’ll end up with a tasty, salty bite.

23. Tarragon

Tarragon is essentially a spicier version of anise, with those same licorice hints and a little heat. It will both highlight the sweet, starchy taste in your potatoes, but will also make them warming to eat.

24. Thyme

The taste of thyme is a bit like subdued mint, which isn’t a surprise since the two herbs are related. Thyme and potatoes will create a starchy and simultaneously cleansing quality in every bite.

Spices that Go with Fried Potatoes