10 Spices that Go with Dates

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Are you tired of eating healthy foods that taste, well, boring? In that case, consider going on a date with dates.

These fruits have the texture of a raisin with the sweetness of caramel. This comes from the fact they have an extremely high sugar content.

But even sweet dates can use some culinary creativity here and there. That’s why we’ve written this list of spices that go with dates for you to try out.

1. Allspice

With most sweet fruits, warm allspice is an excellent companion spice. It features the pungency of cloves and the heat of cinnamon, which allows it to give the sweetness of dates dimension.

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2. Cardamom

We commonly recommend cardamom with fruits, too. That’s because its lemony flavor does wonders when it comes to rounding out sweet tastes with a little zest.

3. Cinnamon

It makes sense that cinnamon would go with dates if allspice does, too. Although you may recognize it as a spice popularly used in your favorite desserts, it’s not exactly sweet itself. Instead, it will temper your dates with a pleasant warmth.

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4. Cloves

By now, you’ve probably noticed a bit of a trend: we keep recommending warm spices to go with dates. Clove, known for its fruity and bitter taste, is another warmer spice. Use it to balance the caramelly taste of your dates.

5. Cumin

Here’s an interesting pairing: cumin and dates. The bitter earthiness of cumin would make an amazing contrast for the sugary flavors in the fruit.

6. Ginger

The taste of ginger is a little bit like wasabi, in that it has a sharp, spicy heat that feels cleansing. We’re fans of sweet and spicy combos, because we feel like they’re well-balanced.

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7. Lemon Zest

If you don’t have a sweet tooth, using the tanginess of a lemon could make sugary tastes more palatable to you. Use a little lemon zest with your dates to pierce that sugariness.

8. Nutmeg

By recommending nutmeg, we’re suggesting another warm spice. What makes nutmeg unique is its bitterness and woody profile, with can counteract sweet flavors if you find them overwhelming.

9. Sumac

Never heard of sumac before? It’s a spice made from ground berries. It has a delightfully sour flavor that’s perfect for cutting through the veil of sugariness in your dates.

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10. Turmeric

You might recognize turmeric as an incredibly common spice in Indian cooking. Its flavor is decidedly sophisticated, with traces of wood, ginger, and lemon. If you want to make a complex dish, dates and turmeric are a phenomenal couple.

Spices that Go with Dates