15+ Spices that Go with Acorn Squash

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Squash has a naturally sweet and nutty flavor. You could almost eat it by itself if you wanted to! However, you can use spices to up the ante with your squash, turning it from basic to extraordinary.

Keep reading to learn about a bunch of spices that go with acorn squash. Try them out to transform your squash into something you might not have ever tasted before.

1. Basil

Basil’s unique peppery and slightly sweet taste will complement the earthiness of your acorn squash nicely. It will make your acorn squash feel like an entirely new food.

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2. Bay Leaf

Bay leaves are perfect for taking an otherwise heavy dish and adding a bit of brightness to it. This is why you put bay leaves in soups, for example, to give their flavor a bit of dimension. You can use it to do the exact same thing with your acorn squash!

3. Chives

The faintly spicy onion-like quality of chives is perfect for combining with squash in general. It helps balance out the sweetness so your dish isn’t one-dimensional.

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4. Cinnamon

Want to take the sweetness of your squash to the next level? Cinnamon’s spiciness will help you achieve exactly that effect. You can use it to make an indulgent recipe that will feel like eating dessert.

5. Cloves

Most people think of cloves as something you put in a pie. However, there’s no reason you couldn’t heighten the sweetness of your acorn squash with a little clove, too.

Be sure not to use too much cloves, though, because their flavor is extraordinarily strong. A little goes a long way.

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6. Cumin

We realize cumin and squash sounds a little strange, but trust us when we say they make a tasty pair. The combination deepens your acorn squash’s sweetness while adding an element of bitterness to make it pop.

7. Ginger

Ginger is another one that seems like it would be weird to combine with your acorn squash. However, its zesty taste is great for bringing some high notes to the mellower taste of squash.

8. Marjoram

If you want your squash’s flavor to stay at the forefront of your recipe, consider using something like marjoram. It’s much milder, so it won’t overshadow the taste of the acorn squash.

9. Nutmeg

You’re probably more familiar with nutmeg in desserts. However, you can easily add it to squash, too, to raise the sweetness.  

10. Oregano

Oregano could probably go in just about anything. Its versatility makes it a great addition to your acorn squash, because it adds just a hint of brightness to its mellow sweet flavor.

11. Parsley

You could also use parsley in a huge variety of recipes, so you can expect it to pair nicely with your acorn squash, as well. It’s another herb that will give the flavor some dimension.

12. Pepper

You can put pepper on just about any food for a manageable burst of spice. Combined with the sweetness of the squash, it will give the dish some pleasant high notes.

13. Rosemary

Rosemary is best known for its use in savory dishes. We think it would be excellent for transforming an earthy squash into a savory and comforting dinner.

14. Sage

Sage is difficult to describe because it combines so many different flavors into one package. It’s sweet with a hint of bitterness and pine. It will definitely give some much-needed depth to the taste of squash.

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15. Salt

Sweet and salty is a mind-blowing combo. Sprinkle some salt into your acorn squash to give it a biting saltiness that tempers its sweetness.

16. Tarragon

Tarragon is quite powerful. For that reason, you only need a little of it to give your squash some floral and pepper hints.

17. Thyme

Thyme is a popular addition to Mediterranean and French cooking, thanks to its strong herbal, earthy taste. It would be a great element in a squash soup of some kind.

Spices that Go with Acorn Squash