13 Spices that Go with Carrots

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Most people are familiar with carrots. Whether you eat them raw, baked into a cake, or as a cooked side dish, carrots are one of the most iconic vegetables out there.

They’re also surprisingly versatile when it comes time to cook them. To illustrate this point, we’ll show you spices that go with carrots to enhance their flavor.

1. Basil

Pay close attention to the flavor of carrots as you chew them, and you may notice some traces of sweet and earthy. This reflects basil’s own natural anise notes, which are fantastic for accentuating the sweetness in carrots with an additional kick of pepperiness.

2. Chervil

Chervil may not be one of the more popular herbs to use in the US. However, it’s a well-known ingredient in French cuisine. Its delicate anise-like taste will also accentuate some of your carrot’s sugary flavor.

3. Cilantro

Cilantro is one of those flavors that people either love or hate – there’s very rarely a middle ground. It has traces of pepper and mint that will leave each bite of your carrot feeling refreshing.

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4. Cinnamon

Unlike many other veggies, carrot has a naturally sweet flavor that makes it an excellent candidate for desserts. You can transform that sweetness to something with more of a kick using cinnamon’s heat-laden spiciness.

Here is a vegan carrot cake cinnamon roll recipe you can try if you want to see how this combo tastes.

5. Clove

Cloves taste both fruity and bitter, and like mint, they will leave your mouth feeling a little numb. This sharpness is what makes them ideal for refining carrot’s milder flavor.

You can learn more about clove in our post regarding what cloves taste like.

6. Dill

Dill’s sharp, warm flavor would also work well with carrots. It would brighten their subtle earthiness.

7. Ginger

Ginger and carrots could be used to make a tasty stir fry. Another option would be a vegan carrot cake. The spicy, lemony heat of ginger would uplift carrot’s earthier tones.

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8. Mace

Mace is a lot like nutmeg. Its flavor is warm with just a touch of citrus in it, which is why it would work well when it comes to lightening carrot’s earthiness.

9. Marjoram

As we mentioned earlier, carrot is a little sweet on its own due to the presence of natural sugars. Majoram, which has a spicy sweetness, would uplift the sweeter notes in your carrot.

10. Mint

Carrot and mint would be an interesting couple. The earthy flavor of carrot would be joined by a lingering note of coolness. Try it out by making a Thai carrot mint salad.

11. Nutmeg

If mace, which tastes like nutmeg, would go well with carrots, then you can be sure that actual nutmeg would. Better yet, its piney flavor will make your carrot taste a little bit more refreshing.

12. Oregano

Oregano is a spice that gives anything a slight citrusy kick. It pairs well with a lot of vegetables, including carrots.

13. Thyme

Because it’s related to mint, thyme has the same cooling quality to a lesser degree. Its invigorating flavor will brighten the musky, earthy taste of carrot.

Spices that Go with Carrots