10 Spices that Go with Artichokes

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Despite their presence in many flavor-packed dishes like dips, artichokes themselves have a rather mild taste. You might detect traces of citrus and nuttiness in them, but for the most part, they generate more texture than taste in various recipes.

So what should you use to liven them up a little? We recommend spices. If you’re not sure where to begin, we’ve pulled together a quick list of spices that go with artichokes here.

1. Basil

Basil is the perfect partner for veggies with a milder taste like artichokes. This is due to the fact basil has a hearty and fresh flavor with traces of pepper and anise in it.

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2. Coriander

With blander-tasting veggies, consider using spices that have larger than life flavor profiles. Coriander is an excellent candidate for a union with artichoke because of its complex savory, citrusy taste.

3. Garlic Powder

Garlic powder is another spice with a big, bold flavor, which is why we’re suggesting using it with artichokes. We think it would add a nice hint of spice to a spinach artichoke dip or something similar.

4. Lemon Pepper

It’s kind of cheating to include lemon pepper, as it’s a combination of dried lemon zest, salt, and pepper. However, since it is a spice you can often buy, we thought we would mention it. This is a fantastic spice for artichokes because its sassy citrusy, biting flavor will enhance them.

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5. Oregano

If you love Italian food, then you’ve had oregano before. This bitter and slightly minty spice is a great option to mix with your artichokes.

6. Pepper

Pepper is a staple in just about every household, and with good reason. It has a hot kick that gives your artichokes just a tiny note of spice without being overwhelming.

7. Sage

Sage’s savory, piney taste is perfect for your artichoke. It’s flexible in its use, suitable for the heart of your recipe or as an accenting note.

8. Salt

If you’re running low on spices in your kitchen, salt is a good option to fall back on. It’s one of the most versatile spices out there and can taste bitter, sour, sweet, and of course, salty depending on your recipe.

9. Tarragon

Dried or fresh, eating tarragon is an experience. Assuming you have dried tarragon, you can expect an almost herbal taste with some traces of pepper.

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10. Thyme

Maybe it’s time to use thyme with your artichokes! There are even different varieties sold in most stores, like lemon or caraway thyme. We suggest trying out lemon thyme if you have it, because the citrus elements will brighten the flavor of your artichoke.

Spices that Go with Artichokes