10 Spices that Go with Figs

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Figs are the perfect fruit for you if you’re looking for a considerately sweet experience. They combine the tartness of a berry with the sweetness of sugar, which is precisely what makes them a good pick for desserts.

By themselves, figs are absolutely delicious. Together with some spices, though, their flavor can become almost transcendent.

We’ve created a list of spices that go with figs to demonstrate what we mean. We’ll also explain why each spice would go with figs.

1. Allspice

Because of their sugary, syrupy flavor, figs are a great candidate for use with warmer spices. Allspice should high up on your list of spices to try, because it pairs well with a variety of fruits, including figs. Its sharp flavor penetrates the sweetness.

Take a look at our guide to what allspices tastes like to learn more about how to use it.

2. Black Pepper

There is definitely more to pepper than meets the eye – or tongue, we suppose. It has a pleasantly piercing flavor that gives figs’ sweetness a sharp edge.

3. Cardamom

Sweet by itself can become sickening. Give it a bright citrus note, like that in cardamom, however, and you’ll find your figs taste much more intriguing.

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4. Cilantro

We’re suggesting cilantro for the same reason we recommended cardamom. Its sunny citrus and cooling mint tones are ideal for brightening up the heavy-handed sugariness of your figs.

5. Cinnamon

As a warming spice, cinnamon is another great partner for your figs. It will balance out the sweetness with a burning note of spice without wholly disguising it.

6. Cloves

Since allspice works with figs, we feel like cloves will, too. They’ve got a more pointed taste than cinnamon that will contrast your figs.

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7. Nutmeg

Nutmeg is another warmer spice. It will underscore the sweetness of figs with a punctuating bitterness.

8. Rosemary

The taste of rosemary is strong with its traces of nutmeg and woodiness. Just like nutmeg, it would help balance the sweet with touches of sharpness.

9. Thyme

The pleasing cooling sensation of mint and the spicy zing of clove come together in thyme. It will add a whole level of dimension to your figs that will be almost energizing.

10. Vanilla

Any time you want to enhance the sweetness in a food, vanilla is a great choice. It has its own sweet taste with an almost woody aroma that accentuates similar notes in other foods.

Spices that Go with Figs