13 Spices that Go with Beets

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Have you gotten to a point where beets are feeling a little boring? Then the best thing you can do is breathe some new life into them with the help of spices.

Which ones should you use? That’s an excellent question, and one we’re fully prepared to answer in this guide to spices that go with beets.

1. Allspice

Allspice isn’t actually a combination of spices, like you might expect from the name. Instead, it’s a single spice that tastes as if it were made from several, including cloves and cinnamon. Beneath their bitterness, beets have a little sweetness that you can draw out with allspice.

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2. Basil

If you want to tone down the earthiness of beets, you’ll want to use warmer spices. Basil in and of itself isn’t warm, but it has some sweet elements reminiscent of anise that will lighten your beets a little.

3. Caraway

The warmth of caraway is precisely what would make it work so well with beets. Its spicy, almost orange-y taste is perfect for brightening up earthier profiles.

4. Chives

If you can imagine beets as having an almost “dark,” lower flavor, chives are the opposite. Their slightly spicy bite, similar to onion, is wonderful for bringing some lightness and freshness to beets.

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5. Clove

As we’ve mentioned before in this list, beets pair best with warm flavors. That’s why we picked clove, which has a warm taste that’s simultaneously bitter and sweet. The somewhat milder flavor of your beets would work as a sort of canvas with your clove.

6. Coriander

Coriander is another warm spice. It brings together citrus and pepper, which are great for highlighting the natural bitterness in beets.

7. Cumin

Cumin is a spice you need to be careful with. Its powerful spicy and sweet flavor profile can overwhelm other foods easily if you’re not light with it. This bold taste is precisely why it goes so well with beets, however, which are milder in comparison.

8. Dill

Dill’s clean and citrus-like notes are adept at breathing new life into veggies. We think its lightness would be lovely for reducing beets’ bitterness.

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9. Fennel

If you love the taste of dill but would prefer something a bit more delicate, we would suggest fennel. It’s another warm spice with traces of anise in its flavor that round out the bitterness in beets.

10. Ginger

Want a spice that will wake you right up when you taste it? Then ginger, with its invigorating lemony and spicy flavor, is perfect for enhancing your beets.

11. Sage

The taste of sage can vary, but most are probably familiar with it for its powerful warmth. It’s fantastic for adding some complexity to beets.

12. Tarragon

If you’re searching for something with a multi-layered flavor, tarragon could be what you need. In its taste, you might detect traces of both pine and licorice, which will give your beets a pleasant and fresh flavor.

13. Thyme

Thyme’s faint pepperiness is ideal for balancing the bitterness and earthiness of beets. It will add just the slightest trace of brightness to an otherwise earthy flavor.

Spices that Go with Beets