What Does Celery Salt Taste Like?

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ground celery salt in dish

What Does Celery Salt Taste Like? 

As you would probably suspect, celery salt does taste like celery.It may be made with celery ribs, celery seed or lovage, a leafy plant that tastes amazingly like celery.

Celery salt is like a more potent, savory version of celery.It’s salty, bitter and herbaceous, wonderful in soups, sauces and vegan vegetable pies.


Usually, celery salt is granular but fine.It may be light and silty or coarser and heavier.This varies not only from brand to brand, but also in homemade celery salts, which are like medium grain sands.

The more granular the celery salt, the crunchier it will be.It’s not the same crunch as celery, but rather more like pepitas—just really tiny.However, the texture is not its primary characteristic as it’s used as a seasoning.

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What Do You Do with Celery Salt? 

Sauces and soups are prime real estate for celery salt.It works well in creamy cashew sauces, vegan potato leek soups and gravies.Savory and herbal recipes are where celery salt shines.

You can also use celery salt in salad dressing and coleslaw as the fresh, vegetal flavors blend well with the seasoning.Lemon juice and herbs frequently used in Italian and French cooking are also well-suited to celery salt.

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Does Celery Salt Have Salt in It? 

Yes, celery salt does have salt in it.There is a saltiness naturally occurring in the vegetable, but it’s turned up in celery salt so that it really comes through on the palate in recipes. 

The ingredients of this spice vary, but they may be as simple as celery seed and salt.Lovage may also be in the ingredient list, which won’t change the flavor.

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